Tuesday, 5 February 2008

What happened a week after the fire..........

Funny how the day rarely turns out how you plan it!! After taking JJ to school I decided to do some gardening, then some housework, then some parcel packing. It was while I was preparing parcels I got a call from June at Lily Patches. She had been given permission by the Insurance Assessors to old a fire sale!! I was there in around 20 min flat. LOL. And here is the pile of lovelies I bought home. All washed, dried and ironed ready to turn into something yummy. I don't normally wash fabric, but this was a little smokey. But that is all gone now!! Will show you some pics of what the piles turn into soon.

Night night



CONNIE W said...

What a stack of beautiful fabric! Lucky you.

Lindi said...

You could call one quilt phoenix, as in "rising from the ashes" LOL