Sunday, 25 November 2012

THE WINNERS - Pattern Giveaway 3...

.....I KNOW I am late late late....(hiding head in shame!)

The gold box has been put to work again....can you see your name?? If so please email me your postal address so that I can send you your prize. (See profile for email address)

I am still waiting on a few previous winners to put their hands up...

Giveaway 1 Maggie Satchel - Sue....where are you??

Giveaway 2  Lorraine Tote - Kendra (Judybee) & El in Oz.....??

If you think you know these 3 ladies can you give them a little nudge please.....



Monday, 5 November 2012

THE WINNERS - Pattern Giveaway 2

I have been playing with the special gold box again....can you see your name??

Ladies please email me with your postal address so I can mail you your prize. (See profile for email address)

For those who missed out remember you can find the Pattern for the Lorraine Tote in the store and TOMORROW there is a 25% sale to celebrate Cup Day... (use the code CUPDAY) on check out to claim your discount.


Sunday, 4 November 2012


Well I kinda mucked up my schedule..and yes Romona is correct I MEANT to say 4th NOVEMBER! But as I was late with Draw No1, I am delaying Draw No2 until TOMORROW (Monday 5th NOVEMBER!!!) So stay tuned for THAT (so you still have time to add your comment and share the blog post with your friends if you haven't already!!).......BUT right now I am putting up the 3rd new pattern....

The Accidental Quilt

Another project based on Fat Quarters (just 8 in this one),  and with the addition of some background fabric creates a decent size quilt measuring in at 170cm square. If you utilize chain piecing you can get it together very quickly. Shown here in the very yummy Mama Said Sew collection from Sweetwater. (I have just secured some more border fabric so will have kits available in the store as from tomorrow)

For you chance to win one of 3 copies on offer, simply comment under this, the original blog post. If you share the post let me know and I will give you a double chance... I will let this one run till Thursday (the 8th of Nov) evening!



THE WINNERS - Pattern Giveaway 1

So firstly I forgot to do this last night coz I was busy cleaning up the shed...YES it is clean!! Then today I got distracted can blame the Crafty Camel....she dropped in to visit!!

SO...I used the highly technical method of writing all the names on a piece of paper, scrunching them up and putting them in the special gold box. I then did the Hokey Pokey and pulled 3 out!! Can you see your name????
If so, please email me ( to claim your prize!! Congratulations!!!


Friday, 2 November 2012


Time to get another giveaway rolling!! This time the Lorraine Tote Bag pattern! This one is named for my mothers younger sister, my Aunty Lorraine. I was shopping with her the day conceived this bag. I made things challenging for myself and created 2 variations. (which of course meant extra writing!!!!)

 Style 2 is featured on the is the more challenging of the two styles with the addition of some nifty metal hardware.

Style 1 is pictured on the right and is quick and simple to knock together.

 For both I have used a large border style print, you know the kind you are loath to cut up as it is just so gorgeous!!  If all you have is scraps to work with, why not stitch together a panel and cut the outer bag from it....I really believe this is a versatile pattern that will let you explore your creativity. The bag is simple, so add to it with interesting piecing and emblishments!!

 So you know the drill, comment for your chance to win. I will draw this one on Sunday evening the 4th of December. Share with your friends and let me know for the double chance...and YES you can be in the draw for both patterns....LOL