Monday, 31 March 2008

I got Tagged!!

Hey there! Thought it was about time I played tag with Gail, though even as i type this I am not sure what 7 things I will be able to come up with.

But first I will tell you about Bob. Bob is the bear you see pictured on the right. I went through a bear faze a few years back. Funny thing is, I once said I would NEVER make a bear!!! Never say never!! I think my favourite designer of bears is Dianne Treadrea of Tready Bears. Bob is one of hers, in fact I think 95% of the bears I made were hers. She is a great teacher too. 

So now to play tag.................

Here are 7 random/weird/unusual things about me.

1. I don't consume alcoholic drinks, never have and never will. Why it all tastes and smells YUCKY!!

2.I am currently addicted to the Gilmore Girls. LOL (going to bed when I finish this post to watch an episode)

3. I can sing, but dont ask me to.

4. I grew up in the Salvation Army, and play a mean timbral (or tamborine as it is known in the real world)

5. I sleep in flannelette PJ's with monkeys on them.

6. I eat Porridge for breakfast EVERY day!!

7.I turned 40 last year, in my 40 years I have lived in 3 states of Australia. And in those 3 states I have lived in 14 different towns/suburbs. And in those 14 towns/suburbs I have lived in 17 different houses.

So now I need to tag some other people. I am not really sure how many I am supposed to tag, and I also have a limited number I can tag. So I tag Chookyblue ( I know you said you didn't want to be tagged but I am stuck!), Jane over at Five Minutes of Fame, Lindi at Quilty Threads and other Things, and Rose down South at Threadbare (who I am really looking forward to meeting in 18 days!!) That is all I can manage, I am looking forward to learning some more about you all.



Friday, 21 March 2008

Sigh, I didn't win!!!

But it was going to be a big ask. In the end Dana had over 1000 comments!! It was so exciting to be a part of such a huge event in blog land! I would still highly recommend popping over to the OLD RED BARN CO Blog & Store!! She has a fantastic range of hand made soaps and body care product.

Quilt Camp - Dont think I have told you about Quilt Camp. In April I am going to Autumn Quilt Camp. I am going with 2 of my besties, Nic and Nic. LOL ( I know, how funny is it!) T-bird was supposed to come too but she couldn't get the time off work! (BOO!!) Mrs Martin of Mrs Martins Quilt Shop is hosting us. (There is still room last I heard, give her a call and come along!) This is her 2nd quilt camp and there is another one this year in spring which I think is ALREADY booked out. So of course I need a project and here is what I am gathering!! These are the fabrics; I think all but two are from the Chelsea Boutique Range from Blackbird Designs.
These are not all of them yet, I have seven fat quarters coming from Karen at The Quilters & Embroiders Store in sunny Brisbane and a bundle of eight 1 yard pieces coming from the States. (Bought them on ebay, had to wake up at 6.30am to bid on the auction!!!) I got such a good bargain; It is costing me around $70 Aussie dollars (that includes shipping) to get approx. 7 metres of fabric, so about 1/2 price. The backing I picked up at Patchwork with Gail B. She has a sale on at the moment. Lots of bolt ends, I got mine with 5.5m on it for $38.40. So what am I making!! I am having a go at a QAYG!! (Which I have discovered means Quilt As You GO!!) I HOPE then to leave camp with a finished quilt!! Basting and Quilting is the thing I like doing the least, well the basting any ways. I might enjoy the quilting if my quilts were basted properly, but I ALWAYS get bored and rush it and then the quilting is not as I would hope!! So I send them off to the lovely katrina, but as she is about to give birth to her 3rd child I am on my own for a while. So QAYG it is......

The pattern is called Summer Breeze and I picked it up 
when I visited Mrs Martins with Nic on Wednesday. I am a little excited, and even though Camp is still a month away I have almost finished the prep work, it really has me itching to stitch it up. The photo really doesn't do the quilt justice, the sample is just lovely!! So that is where I am at, I will keep you posted as I count down the next 27 days to camp!!



Saturday, 15 March 2008

Great Quilt GIVEAWAY!!

Yes I said GIVEAWAY. Pop over the to Old Red Barn Co blog and enter for yourself, it is very easy. And please say that Lynda (of Bozzy's Blog) sent you!! The quilt is just gorgeous, you gotta be in it to win it!!


Party Week

One of my children has had a birthday this week, and as is typical in our household we seem to have been celebrating all week. We had a party with his mates from school on Monday (the public holiday), the actual birthday on Thursday and then last night had the family over for dinner. So that meant 14 for tea, on a 40 degree day. We do have an air conditioner but after so many successive hot days and many people in the house it does struggle a bit. We managed by keeping the meal to cold meat and salad, with ice cream and cake for dessert. YUMMY!! Then just on dusk we went outside to blow some bubbles and I managed to snap this pic. This 2 of my sisters kids enjoying the bubbles. Don't you just love the effect, how the flash has caught the bubbles. Couldn't quite believe how well it came out so I wanted to show it off!



Wednesday, 12 March 2008

From My Garden

As I wander around my favourite blogs I have noticed many girls showing off their gardens. Now I am NOT a gardener so anything that grows at our place needs to be pretty self sufficient. But I went out the back for a lookyloo the other night and found some bits and pieces that amazed me, not even really sure how these things survived with the little attention they get. LOL I have no idea what these flowers pictured above are, does anyone know?? I did plant them but not for the flowers, I liked the leaves, then the lovely flowers arrived. I have also managed to grow some manderines. We had this tree for about 8 years before it finally got some fruit. The first year they were so tiny, about the size of a grape but perfect on the inside. This year they seem a little bigger, yippee!!



PS Pop over and see what my friend Lindi found in her garden!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Look what I made this afternoon.......

....I stitched some rabbits! I have a few blogs that I troll around, usually every day! LOL. I have found a lovely one by Lynette Anderson and she is at present offering a FREE block of the month. It is going to end up being a Noah's Ark Wallhanging. She is being very sneaky and only revealing the project bit by bit. So this afternoon, after a morning of grocery shopping, cleaning the pantry, washing the dog's and doing 4 loads of washing..........I decided I could put my feet up and stitch. It took a little longer than it should have as I also had a little snooze. 

It was going to be hot here today, and it was, but not as hot as it was supposed to be, thankfully. The clouds stayed around and it sure made a difference. I thought Autumn was going to be cooler, but this week in Melbourne is going to be like Summer again. GGRRRRRRR. But now to bed, as you can see from the time stamp on this post it is very late. 



Thursday, 6 March 2008

Here are the Bags!! (Well Some of them anyway)

Hi there, it has been a while hasn't it. I have been so busy the past week, and not doing what I really want to be doing. SEWING!! I did pick up a needle and thread this morning to repair a dress for my niece and it was then that I thought, gee I am missing this! LOL. So tomorrow, I am going to sew. I have spent the last 2 days catching up on some housework and gardening so am feeling free enough to sit and enjoy myself. My sewing buddy Nic is still busy with her Studio renovation, so I will have to soldier on on my own. The plan is to finish the 3 bags pictured above by adding their handles, and then stitch up the other 2 I have waiting. I am so desperate to get them on ETSY. You will find a pic of a finished bag below. The photo really doesn't show it off, it is like a small carpet bag. I just adore it, and I hope others will too!! I just have to settle on a sell price, which is always awkward.

For tonight, I am going to do some hand sewing. One of the projects I am working up with the Craft Corner. Hope it is going to turn out ok. After such a busy week and a half, I really just feel the need to sit with my feet up!!



Saturday, 1 March 2008

My Craft Corner

Here is my Craft Corner! What is that you ask??(Remember if you want to have a closer look, click on the pic to enlarge it) I have wanted to start a Craft Croup at my church for a while, but have also been a little overwhelmed with the responsibility. So I am starting Craft Corner that will run during a Cafe Morning the church already runs once a month.  The plan is to have small kits for sale, mostly hand work, so that people can sit and stitch while they have a coffee and chat. Trying to start small and build my confidence. On Thursday I had a display only, showing people what sort of things they can make. We are not having one in March as there are far too many holidays, so I have 2 months to get ready. I was very pleased with the interest I got. I am a little less scared and getting very excited. Will keep you informed about how it goes!!

I have had someone ask about the cover for my Mac. It is a Mac product, called a Speck Cover. There is SO many colours available. They are a little pricey but I considered it like insurance for my Macbook. The White Macbooks have a glossy finish and I thought it would get all scratched up very quickly, the cover is keeping it nice and safe. 

I have to head to bed soon. I am having a garage sale tomorrow, me and 6 of my neighbours. IT IS GOING TO BE HUGE!  I am sitting in my lounge surrounded by JUNK! I hope most of it will be gone tomorrow!