Thursday, 21 February 2008

It's been a while hey??

Been a bit busy this past week. Trying to stay off the computer truthfully. Cause, while I am on the puter, I eat and I am trying NOT to do too much of that. I have been eating less and moving more, and am getting results. Lets see how long my resolve lasts.

On the upside, less time on the computer has meant more time on the machine. I have made a couple of bags and am enthused to get some more done!! Got visitors for a couple of days, so the table has become an eating place for a few days instead of a sewing place. That is a little frustrating ( the packing the sewing away, not the visitors) and it is why I WANT MY OWN WORKSPACE. Who knows when that will happen!!!

I think I will head to bed now, I need an early night!  Will post some pics of the finished bags SOON!



1 comment:

Rose said...

Just found your lovely blog! Your work is lovely! Cant wait to see the bags!!