Saturday, 27 December 2008

Chookyblues SSCS

So.... I got to open my parcel on Christmas Day!! Man it was hard seeing it sit there, under the tree, calling me!!! Boy was I spoilt!!!
My SS was Karen from the USA. She sent me: a vintage apron and handkerchief (from her own collection) 4 tea sachets, 2 knitted squares which I am assuming are dish cloth's?? ( I have read a lot about them in blog land) some teapot fabric, a tote bag made of fabric I just LOVE and finally an applique angel wall hanging. Oh and I almost forgot, there was a thimble in the pocket of the apron, as apparently there always was one in the pocket of Karens Grandmothers apron.

Karen thank you so much for your generosity. I have been by your blog and will be a regular visitor from now on.

I had to send a parcel to Floss in Canada. Here are a couple of pictures of what I sent her.

I figured out from reading her blog that we share a bag obsession, so it was an easy pick to make her a bag. I also sent a small wall hanging that came from the new Hatched & Patched book, "Simple Pleasures". Floss has also been very very clever and had the most gorgeous little bundle of joy, and I suspect in her opinion the best Christmas present ever. Pop over to her blog and see the pic she has shared of her new baby girl.

And finally to Chookyblue I wish to say a big thank you for the time and energy you put into this swap.It was so nice to have just a little something under the tree, just for me! I am sorry you are feeling a little unwell right now, I hope you feel better real soon.

Big Red Shed Update

Well here it is!! Being off loaded. I am not sure if the driver thought it a little strange that I sat and watched this happen oh and took photos of course!
And, apparently THIS relatively small pile of components, is my Big Red Shed??? At present we are still waiting on the concrete. The holes have almost dried out but seem intact. Husband informed me yesterday that he is supposed to be going to Perth in Jan for work! Which of course sent shivers down my spine and prompted me to ask WHEN my shed was going to be built. I am told that all will be ok, but I am a slightly nervous Nellie you can bet. Will hopefully be posting more exciting photos soon!!

Monday, 15 December 2008


It wont be UP but it will be HERE!!! I hope I dont have to wait ALL day, it will be so frustrating if I do. Thankfully I have some stitching to do to keep my hands busy. (oh and a tonne of housework too!)

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Shed Update......

As lovely as the rain it, it has turned my construction site into a series of swimming pools. We have had nearly 50mm of rain since lunch time yesterday and there is rain forecast for the rest of the week. So there will be no concrete being put in these holes anytime soon. Trying to take deep breaths and keep busy with other stuff so I dont fret too much about the lack of progress.

Friday, 12 December 2008

SSCS Update

My parcel arrived today!! (Doing a little happy dance!)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hello to MY Angel

So I have introduced you to my Mortal, so now it is time to "out" my Angel. I have been blessed to be the recipient of some lovely treats from the lovely Di. Here is a picture of the parcel I received this week, once again full of treasures. It has taken much longer to get this post up than I would have liked, as I wanted to include the pictures and I have trouble editing the layout on my Mac. DH is at basketball with DS2, so I FINALLY have access to the PC. I know you have been dropping by Angel, it is wonderful now to be able to visit your blog and know it is YOU!!!

Just wanted to thank you here for all the lovely gifts this year and I look forward now to getting to know you better.

I wish that I had time prior to Christmas to get this stocking kit made up, but I fear time is against me. Next year!!!


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hello Neroli

I have been Angel in the Scquilters Angel/Mortal swap this year and Neroli has been my Mortal. I have spent the year sending her gifts and emails, and yesterday I sent the last parcel, revealing my indentity. I actually think I gave myself away very early on, but Neroli was a good sport. 

So Hi Neroli!!! So glad I can now be myself, and am looking forward to getting to know you better as myself.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Muddy Mess

Here is the old shed, little but it took a long long time to empty it out. The contents are now scattered all around the house.Pulling it down, took a lot less time and effort than I had thought. Not that it was me actually doing it .LOL

The groundworks begin, YIPPEE!!!

Here is the spot!!!
Almost ready for the Big Red Shed!!! Not long after this it started to pour, thank goodness Bob Cat man was done!!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Update on Ava.

She came home from the vet after about 24 hours, having been on a drip for most of that time. They are really still at a loss as to what was wrong, but we dont care now as she is a changed puppy. She is now chewing everything and being very cheeky. Phew!!

Saturday, 29 November 2008


Poor little Ava is at the Vet, having spent the night there. She is not well and the vet is not really sure why. Mum is trying to reach her contact a GDV but is having no luck!! Not fun!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Meet Ava

My parents have just taken on the roll of Puppy Raisers for Guide Dogs Victoria. This is the lovely little bundle that was delivered to their home on Wednesday. She is 7 weeks old, her name is Ava. She is one of a litter of 9. We are all in love with her already and have no idea how we will let them give her back in 12 months.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Done and DONE!!!

SSCS Parcel is now on its way to a faraway destination. Phew!!!  Now to think about my PIF gifts and my Scquilters Angel duties!!! LOL, does it ever end?? 

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Chookyblue SSCS

What a relief!! The gifts are stitched and ready to post and they will only be in the post 1 day late!! I am SOOO pleased with the way my projects have turned out, and as usual am sad to see them go. No sneak peaks I am afraid, I am very bad at the macro thing on the camera and I know that fellow swappers are trolling around blogs checking out the landscape. One of the reasons I have said very little about the swap was I worried I would give something away. 

Thanks Chook for organizing this, I just cant imagine work that goes in to keeping us all inline. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Postie Came.........

..................................and bought me a parcel from the USA. May seem like a strange time to be buying from the states in light of the W.E.C. (World Economic Crisis), but desperate times........ So what did I get?? Do I hear some of you saying it looks like a fabric size parcel???

Well you would be right!!! I have finally gotten around to ordering the fabric for the border of the Bee's knee's quilt. Despite the W.E.C. I still saved money on this lot.I purchased 4 yards, which cost me us$41.92 (including delivery). That converts to around $64 aussie dollars. So working on $20 per meter here at home. it would have cost me at least $72 for the 3.6m. Trouble was, I couldnt even find meterage here!! I am kicking myself for not buying it 3 months ago, would have made a bigger saving.

Might be a while before I get the border on, so don't expect any pics soon!!


PS Recieved confirmation today that the shed will be delivered on the 12th of Dec. WooHOO!!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Another boring post!

Just wanted to post quickly to say that I am snowed under with work for Black Dog at present. Have taken on my biggest quota yet!! It is all helping pay for the shed! No more news on the shed at this stage, I want to ring Dave everyday, but that might just make him angry!

On a funner note: I have finally started my SSCS item for Chookies swap. I know I am taking a late run at it, but I have been formulating ideas in my head for weeks so....... I am planning on making the posting deadline!!!


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Next step......

Building approval is through, and shed is ordered.  Now I just have to wait.......around 3 weeks and it is going to seem like a lifetime!!! LOL

Friday, 7 November 2008

Shed Update

I guess it is time for an update on the shed. We ordered it on Wednesday!! We were advised that if the order was not placed by last week there would be no chance of getting it prior to christmas, and the delivery date would be Feb! Not having a bar of that!!! So got negotiating with DH quick smart. It is not just that I am desperate, but that both DH and I have the time over the christmas holidays to plaster, paint and get it set up. I have to admit to losing just a little sleep this past week planning it all out, I can see it all soooo clearly. Thankfully there has been distractions ie choosing a new car, and mobile phone. (Yes I picked a red car, what can I say, red makes me happy) 

Will post pictures as there is progress. Darren is planning on starting the ground preparation next week I think!!! 

Friday, 31 October 2008

I THINK.......

we may finally have reached a compromise!!!! More studio news coming soon.


Thursday, 30 October 2008

This is the Spot.......

Once again husband and I are trying to come to some agreement regarding a studio in the back yard. We know 1 thing; that this is the spot where it should go. Now the first step was obviously to remove the dwelling that you can see. I simply listed in on Ebay and sold it first try and got a mighty fine price. So it is actually no longer there, I am just too lazy to go and take another picture. LOL So that is one project I am working on, if anyone has any suggestions regarding what to actually put there I am open to any and all ideas.


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Has it really been a month???

I have to confess, I have a new addiction!! And it is this that has caused my absence. It is simply called..........Facebook. I have been on Facebook for awhile but  my only friends have been locals that I see in person most of the time anyway. But just recently through the phenomenon  of 6 degrees of separation I found 1 old old friend, then another, then another.......... some of these people I haven't actually seen for over 20 years. It is very cool, but obviously a little time consuming. I have some Quilty Friends there too.

So I am not sure if anyone has dropped by and seen how slack I have been blog wise, and sorry if this post is a little boring! I will be back in the next couple of days with something more interesting.


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jelly LOVE!!!

What is it about a Jelly Roll that can make one's heart flutter?? (or is that just me??) Visited Lilly Patches today and just couldn't resist this little bundle. As you can see I have already unrolled it, for a closer look. But I cant quite get it to go back the same way it came. The fabric is by Howard Marcus for Moda and is called Heritage 1846. It has everything that I like in it as far a colour and design go AND a portion goes to fund the research in to Ovarian Cancer!!

So......what to make??

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Angel Things

I have a very loyal customer called Tam who has a VERACIOUS appetite for plastic self cover buttons, and until just now I have never really know what she does with them. Please go and have a look at her site, Angel Things, Tam is obviously a very clever lady!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Summer Breeze..... Finally!!

Here it is!!! On the back of the couch, its new home. Did I tell you about the little hole?? Well I made a little hole on the binding as I snipped the last thread. I have placed a dob of Fray Stop on it, but I still feel I need to do something else BUT I am hard pressed to find the hole again now??!!  

So now I am for bed, as I am tired. Did a tiny bit of spring cleaning, and it has worn me out. LOL


Saturday, 30 August 2008

So what have I been doing??

Well firstly I have to show you my new chair......... you like it?? Husband did a deal for it on a job he is working on right now. Very cumfy and most importantly it is RED!!!

So update on the quilt. I have finished the binding ( no pic at just now). But I had a mini disaster. As I snipped one of the last threads, I nicked the binding. I have place a dob of fray stop on it for the moment to stop it getting any bigger, and I plan to darn over it or something. But for all intents and purposes, it is finished!!! Thank goodness.

As for Black Dog, here is what I do. This is the bundles of webbing and bags of components..........

That I have to turn into...................................

......................................Standard Collars.

So now back to the machine, I was just taking a Cuppa and blogging break. Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Summer Breeze Cont

I know there is some people out there wanting to see this quilt finished (Hi Karen & Nic!! LOL) So you will be pleased to hear that today I have taken the next step. I have finally cut the Scalloped border, and the bias binding ready to go. I hope to get back to it tonight, as I fear if I don't it will be left again. My plan is to get the binding machined on, so then I can pick it up any time to work on the hand stitching. It could even be a traveling project, even if it is a slightly larger one.

So I guess I should also tell you my other news. I have gotten myself a little job, which I am still unsure about for many reasons. I have not worked for at least 6 years, and it is getting harder and harder to justify why I shouldnt. So when a friend told me that the company she works for was looking for more outworkers, it seemed like too good an opportunity to turn down. Yes it is boring repetative work, but it is dead simple and I get to work from home AND it pays pretty well. So what is it, check out the link to Black Dog!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Bear Mania!

I promised you a pic of the bear, and here he is with his buddy. The original Quackers is wearing the orange slippers. I made him in a class at Bear Essence maybe about 4 years ago. I had him on display at a craft exhibition recently and a friend BEGGED me to make another as a gift for her daughter who gets married next month. Apparently the bride to be's nick name is Ducky!! So here is Quackers 2, all finished and well ahead of the August 20th deadline I gave myself. ( The wedding is Sept 20th ) Even though both of these guys have been made from exactly the same pattern, can you see the difference in their size?? The only reason I can think of is that the backing fabric of the darker mohair is firmer and didnt stretch as I stuffed it. (Has anyone else had this happen??) If you visit the Bear Essence site, look for designs from Tready Bears. Di is my FAVORITE teddy designer by far, but is also a very generous teacher and most of the bears I have made are hers. Quackers comes from a series of "Costume Bears" that are all just 7" tall, and as the name suggests have different costumes. As well as Quackers I have made Toad, and I have the Wabbit pattern here waiting. I would love to also make Mary Christmas and if my memory serves me correctly there are several designs in the collection that Di hasnt released. ( A butterfly maybe??) Di is also an awesome patchworker!! Hope to show you some stitching soon, been making some progress on my 12 Red Robins from Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches. Oh and I am knitting!!! Did I tell you that already? Think I did, LOL. Better go to bed, night night.