Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I'm back......

Well I would like to say that I will return to posting more regularly, but I have learned not to make promises I may not keep. BUT after bumping into Ramona AGAIN, and her questioning my lack of updates AGAIN. I thought I really should post an explanation of sorts.

Firstly my husband relocated to Tasmania for almost 4 months to work. He came back on the odd weekend, but I think over that 16 weeks he came home about 6 times. That of course left me in charge of EVERYTHING. Not a bad thing being the only grown up in the house, except when you have 4 teenage children & YOU are the only one with a license!! LOL I spent so much time in the car over that time.... especially once child 3 (no 2 son) got himself a girlfriend!! I was very very time poor!!

In general, Life has been challenging for me for the last couple of years, that is too a long a story to go into right now! (Come for a cuppa & I will tell you ALL about it) But anyway, anyway, ANYWAY! Over that time I have progressively put on more & more weight & in June this year I decided it was time to do something real about it! I have made half arsed attempts over the years & only gotten bigger. In fact I remember writing a self indulgent post on a quilting forum the day I saw 99.9kg on the scale. The thought of hitting triple figures threw me for a loop, but was still not the catalyst I needed to put a stop to it. I got bigger.... 10kg bigger in fact, topping the scales at 110kg on the knocker.

Thankfully I stumbled across a program by Michelle Bridges the female trainer on Australia's Biggest Loser. Called the 12 Week Body Transformation program it is an Online Exercise & nutrition info & most importantly it was affordable. With husband away it needed to be something that I could manage from home without adding gym visits or meetings or consultations into my already overloaded schedule. The program is run in 12 week blocks & I signed up 24 hours before the 2nd round for 2010 started. It has been without a doubt the best thing I have ever done. In the first 12 weeks, I lost 11.8kg which bought me back under 100kg. We are 6 weeks into Round 3 & I have lost 4.6kg so far. That gives me a grand total of 16.4kg lost! It might actually be more than that as tomorrow is weigh in day......eekkk! My goal for this round is to be under 90kg... I am closing in on that and feeling very confident of getting there.

Sooooo...why does that stop me from blogging.

1. I have started another blog to track my weight loss journal
2. The 12 Week Body Transformation website has a forum, I am there often contributing etc
3. I have joined Twitter to stay in touch with other participants around the country & the world
4. I am exercising up to hour every day.....

So most of that basically means, something had to give! It has been an almost all consuming process. The timing has been right for so many reasons and I owed it to myself just to run with it! With the kids so grown up & far more independant I am more able to work on me, as in I can go for a walk & leave them home for example. In fact my eldest daughter FINALLY got her license just last week and although she still lives at home, she is now pretty much independent of us. My son is in the middle of his VCE exams as I write this, so our family lives will change again over the next few weeks as he enters the next stage of his life.

Once I am closer to my goal, I expect to be back blogging more regularly, well probably about as often as I have in the past which at best would be called spasmodically!!! I already have more energy & hope that this will translate into an increased output! SO watch this space.....I am not far away.....