Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Block Book

Here it is......! 

 This is a project born from watching my students struggle to get their materials to and from class. Doesn't the class always end just as you have found the perfect arrangement for that block? OR you arrive at class and your work is all crushed??

Those of you who have been following the progress of this project on FB will know I have done a lot of unpicking and reworking as I have gone along. As I put it together I realised with a touch of tweaking, it could also carry tools and that would actually enhance the ability of the Book to achieve it's original purpose.

So what are the specifications:

Closed (shown above) it measures 23" Wide x 19" High. You can see that the handle incorporates a pocket: there is one on each side. These pockets are great for your rotary cutter, packets of pins, a tape measure, your car keys even....(the pockets measure 8.5" Wide x 7" High). There are 5 buttons and loops to keep the back and front firmly together.

Open the dimensions are 23" Wide x 38" High. The inside is lined with felt and each side also has a felt "page", hence calling it a Book. These pages are for storing your blocks in progress. You have 6 Pages on which to store your work. Rather than the lining being stitched down, I have applied a binding, and created a large pocket on each side that is the size of the exterior measurement. I initially designed these pockets to take the material I have used for keeping the Book rigid. It then occurred to me that these pockets could also be used to carry a cutting mat (my 18" x 12" mat fits perfectly) and a ruler or two. (up to 18" long. Transporting these items will only add to the stability of the sides and  this helps the fabric stay on the pages....

Now I need to make another, and do it FASTER ....this one has been like pulling teeth, but I am pleased with the result so it was all worth it. NOW I need to write a pattern.....LOL