Saturday, 27 February 2010


Well about an hour ago actually. I have set a new PB......23 hours from purchase of fabric to completion. I purchased the fabric at 12.30 yesterday and put the last stitch in the binding at 11.25 today!! Phew!! So here is the gift for Evelyn & Michael's baby to be presented at the baby shower that is in 32min!! I had better get wrapping!!!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Doing it again......

Making ANOTHER quilt on short notice....well I have had plenty of notice and I have been vacillating. Will I, wont I, Yes, No!! Today I decided YES......too scared to tell you when it is actually for...LOL

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Getting Organised!

I hope most of you know that I run a small business from my Shed. The move into the shed has of course enabled me to be just slightly more professional and intentional in my approach to my work. AND the plan is to be able to build my business. Marketing is always the important ingredient, but without the funds to market the business in a traditional sense, I am trying to take advantage of networks I already have in place. One of those is Facebook. You will notice a new link on the right of the blog....if you dare click it and have a look at the Facebook Fan Page I have created. There I can keep fans updated with what is happening in The Shed: New stock, New designs..........etc etc!!

I hope also to run some more competitions and giveaways through the keep your eyes peeled and tell your friends........


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Stack & Slash!!

I have FINALLY found another quilter. The first and only one that I have ever used had NO children when I met her....and then had 3 over the next 5 years. Needless to say since #3 she has been on permanent maternity leave. (Well she does her own quilts and immediate family, but the last time I talked to her still no paying clients!!) I have a growing a stack of tops needing quilting but I have been avoiding making any serious inquiries..........but how long to you reckon I could go on like that??

And THANKFULLY I have found a goodun.....Price was good, work is good....SPEED exceptional!! The day we (me with 1 quilt, girlfriend with 2) dropped our quilts there....Mary was loading a new one on the machine, so we were at least after that one. That was on Thursday the 28th! To our surprise we received a call on Tuesday the 9th to say that all 3 quilts were READY!!!!!

From the beginning this quilt was me trying to step out of my box, so I thought I better carry it through with the quilting! Was thinking brown or beige for the thread but went for PINK!! It is hard to see the design but it is really funky weird floral shapes!!

The Binding I am saving for quilt camp, the plan to have a stack of quilts with binding machined on ready for sitting and relaxing and hand stitching!!!

Did I tell you I am going to Quilt Camp?? YOU should come too! Visit Mrs Martin and see if she has any places left!!!