Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Someone IS reading!!!

I don't quite believe it! Gail thank you for bothering to stop by and for your comment!  It is such a detached process, I write and then wonder if someone will read, and even then having read once, will they come back. LOL

My fire sale fabric (FSF) is sitting there calling me but I must clean the fridge first ( part of my new years resolution, to do one yucky job around the house each day). Then I must also finish the bag in the picture. I am finding it very hard to stay focused with my FSF fabric just sitting there. I have promised myself I am not going back to Lily Patches until there is NO FSF fabric left. We will see how that goes. 

June is so amazing and so are her friends/customers. What she has given us over the years is coming back to her 100 fold. She is surrounded up there by sooo many people willing to share the practical burden of restoring her shop, and that has to make the emotional burden lighter too. Lily Patches will be back, bigger and better!!

Can you tell I am stalling..........dont want to clean the fridge. But all this stalling is doing is keeping me from my machine. SO better get too it!!



Nic said...

If you don't go back to Lily Patches this week, does that mean i can't go back either ??
I really think i should rescue some more fabrics from their sooty perches.
Hugs Nic

Gail said...

okay...confession time....I went too...does that mean I can't go back?

Lynda B said...

You can go back Gail. As long as you don't ask me to go too!!! That is what I said to Nic, maybe you too should go together!!! LOL So Gail, how did you find my blog??

Jane said...

Love the bag. Did you by any chance use the large or ex large yo yo maker for the blue bit?

I have borrowed the small one from a friend but really need a large one that will do circles for Dresden Plates. I counted a rather obsene amount from swaps and not yet made up.
Jane aka Glenice