Saturday, 21 June 2008

Cyber Stitching 2

So..... how was it?? We had a simple but fun day. Originally I had planned on trying to get a large group together but I got so busy I didn't end up even inviting many more than actually came and honestly in the end, I was glad it was a small gathering. It was only Nic and I that were officially Cyber Stitching. (See the actual Cyber stitching kit above). Nic started on a fridge magnet from the Hatched and Patched book, I began the wallhanging. The book is many little blocks, all the same size, and they can be put together in one megga project, or used individually or in smaller groups for the small projects. A very clever concept really. You just pick and choose your own combination of blocks for the project you wish to make. I think the only completely different one is the book mark. Here is my first block, not much to show for a days work, but remember I was the hostess for the day. (and it had NOTHING to do with all the talking, I don't care what anyone else says, LOL) Mary and Nerinda were working on current projects. If we were giving out prizes for productivity, Nerinda would win. She stitched the binding on 1 quilt and labels on 3, and then even sat twiddling her thumbs for awhile. Mary continued stitching her "Two Brown Chicken's" pattern from Leannes House. She is working it on a white Linen tea towel, it is such a crisp white and contrasts brilliantly with the red stitching.

So what did we eat? LOL ( for me food is almost the most important part. For morning tea we had Tim Tams ( the new sort with toffee and nuts on the top) Chocolate chip cookies and lovley fresh strawberries. Lunch was Pumpkin soup and rolls. Nic totally spoilt us by supplying home made hedgehog and caramel slice! (YUMMY) The kettle was on the boil for most of the day and I actually lost track of how many cups I had.

Then with both our husbands other wise occupied, Nerinda and I finished the day off by seeing a movie with some of the kids. It was a VERY late night, with the movie not finishing till 11.30pm and of course I came home and finished stitching the words on my little block. Today's plan is to catch up on the washing this morning, and then stitch all afternoon and evening. June at Lilly Patches was finally able to get me some of the fabric I have needed to keep working on "Bee Knees" quilt, so that is what I will be doing.

Oh and thanks Karen (Mrs Martin) for bringing together the whole Cyber Stitching concept. I hope everyone who is either Cyber Stitching today or attending Stitching at St Georges has a great day. (When are you doing it again, LOL.)


Friday, 20 June 2008

Cyber Stitching

Tomorrow Nic, Nerinda, Mary and I are Cyber Stitching. If you are not really sure what that is, head over to Mrs Martins to find out. Will tell you all about it tomorrow night.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Renovating 2

We got it done!!! Took a little longer than expected, but the floor is down. The new lights and ceiling fan are in also. The painting is not quite finished, as you may see from the photos we still have to put back the skirting boards, then paint them and the doors and window trims. Maybe next week!!


Saturday, 14 June 2008

Renovating!! typical me fashion, I decided on Wednesday that not only were we going to lay new flooring in the back living area, but we were going to paint it. And we were going to do it all by Sunday night. Would you believe we are ON SCHEDULE!! We cleared the room Thursday evening, started painting about lunch time yesterday. Once I have written this post, I am off to paint the 2nd coat on the ceiling, then at 6pm we can do the 2nd coat on the feature wall. The floor is supposed to only take us 3-4 hours to lay, but in my plan I have allowed all day tomorrow; and with the painting all going to plan we may even be able to work on the tricky setting out of the flooring after dinner tonight. In the pic are my DH and my 3 oldest hard at work, it has been a real team effort. Keep you posted on the progress.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Give away!

Just found another excellent give away, this time by Lynette Anderson. So head on over and leave a comment for your chance to win a great red work pattern.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Birthday Sewing

I have had my 2 nieces for the weekend to give my DS a bit of a break (she still has the 2 boys at home). They were actually supposed to stay 1 night, and it turned into 2 and then as it is a long weekend, it quickly turned into 3. They are a busy pair and like to be "doing" all the time, so by this afternoon they had pretty much "done" everything in the house. So we decided to make mummy (my Sister) some calico shopping bags for her birthday tomorrow! I have just bought in some Fabrico Markers, and before I list them in the shop I want to give them a good trial run. The girls where more than happy to oblige, so while I stitched up the handles, they decorated. (and in case you are wondering, that is a doily in the little ones hair!)

We had to iron them to set the ink, and then after dinner I stitched them up. So here they are, excited to show you the finished product. (and yes a new hair decoration to go with the PJ's. They were both very patient while I stitched and in fact have been very good al weekend. I cant really take any of the credit, it is very helpful to have a house full of my own children, they adore their older cousins and I end up having to do very little.

I will let you know how the Fabrico markers go, the plan is they shouldn't wash out. Don't want to tell people they wont until I KNOW that they wont. LOL


Sunday, 1 June 2008

New Toy

I LOVE having a shop in my front room!! The other day I was visiting a local patchwork shop and spied an awesome hexagon quilt. It looked like it was very tricky to piece, but I was told it wasn't, if you used a 60 degree triangle ruler. So home to my catalogue's, to order some stock for the shop (well 5 for the shop, one for me!!) I got it in 2 sizes, 12" & 8". I am keeping a 12" for myself and I have listed the others. So now I have to RESIST starting something new. I have such a busy busy week, I cant see when I will get to the machine to work on the QAYG, but that is my next goal to get it FINISHED BEFORE I start something else! Lets see how I strong I am. LOL