Wednesday, 6 June 2007


I am making bonnets!! I think it was a SCQuitlers post that put me on to it. Here is the Link -

I just thought the whole thing looked interesting so I decided to have a go. Although I am unsure if I have any actual convict relatives, I have selected a couple of convict women that have similar family names. I am just organising the pattern now, and I may even get it cut tonight. I have no hand work to take around with me at the moment so decorating these will be good. I might try some candlewicking, never done that before. I plan on making 2 at the moment, but I may make more. It is really strange you know, at Easter we went to Sovereign Hill and there was all these fantastic bonnets in the Drapery. I honestly thought " I would like to make a Bonnet", then barely weeks later there is a message on the SCQuilters board about bonnets. Could have blown me over with a feather. So I will keep you updated as to how it is going.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Rough Day

Been sitting here trying to work out whether to post today or not, not feeling really chatty or positive today. It has been a difficult couple of days, but I have just plodded along. Still getting things done which I do take some comfort in. Tomorrow may be a different story, no real plans for the day and it is those days that seem the hardest. I guess it also has to do with being on my own for the largest part of the day; when I feel like this company really bouys me along BUT it isnt always practical or realistic to have company. I really want to get the bag pattern written, but I really need DH's help with the diagrams, and well it is 10pm and he needs to be heading to bed soon. I want it done SOON!!! Coz then there is another one to write... man!!! Then the projects in my head........ will it ever end.

So now I think it is time for a milo and bed and I will pop in tomorrow when hopefully I will be a little less morose!!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Home is Where the Heart is

So we have seen the seen the first attempt. Jump forward to 1999, and I was looking for a different gift for a friend for her 30th birthday. A very quilty friend, Elizabeth, showed me a stack of craft magazines and said find something in there! I found a small wall hanging with a lovely stitched saying about friendship and some applique. I went to spotlight, to buy fabric, I mean where else do you buy fabric from?? With Elizabeth's guidance I machine pieced, then hand buttonhole stitched the applique, then hand quilted and then actually bound my first proper quilty type project. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of it and the girl I gave it to is not part of my circle anymore. I wonder if she still has it on her wall??

But I do have pic of my very next project, another wall hanging. This project was done with a craft group at a local church that Elizabeth helped run with a SCQuilter named Sally (who has now moved to Q'land somewhere) I owe these 2 ladies a lot in repect to really understanding patchwork and quilting. Before them I had never heard of 1/4" seam, or log cabins and they were responsible for taking me to my first patchwork shop.(The one that used to be in Tecoma, not the one that is currently there, don't remember what it was called.) This particular project was a great learning experience as it had a little bit of everything in it. It still hangs on the wall in the Rumpus Room. It is also the project that really "switched" the light on so to speak and turned me into a patchworker.

1st Quilt

So rising to the challenge of showing off my first quilt took a little longer than I thought it would. I went straight to the computer to look for pics, but of course this project is from the time of camera's WITH FILM!!! Man, that meant searching through piles of photos, which I had thankfully sorted about a year ago. (with the intention of starting to scapbook one day soon!) Not only did I find what I was looking for but a literal treasure trove of other projects. So this morning has been spent scanning and cropping and saving. And now I am ready to share.

As you can see it is a panel, purchased from spotlight I think. I pinned the very thick poly batting to the back of the panel and quilted around some of the larger shapes. Then I put the backing and the panel right sides together, stitched around leaving a hole, turned it through and slip stitched the opening closed. I really had no idea, but the job got done!! I made it in 1990 for my first child, and it was used in the cot for the following 3 also. Now there is very serious questions over it's ownership, LOL. They all sort of see it as theirs, which is nice I suppose. It wasnt a bad first effort, but it was almost another 10 years before I had another go.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Here I am!!

Well, I have taken the plunge!! Everyone seems to be blogging, so I thought I would join in. And it seems like a really great way for online friends to get to know each other. So I guess I should tell you about myself.

I am m
arried to Darren, this year it will be 18 years!!!! We have 4 children DD1 - 17yo, DS1 - 14yo, DS2 - 12yo & DD2 - 10yo. We live at the foot of the Dandenongs in Melbourne. We have 2 dogs.
To the left here is
Clover and the one underneath is Socks, the old man of the pair. They are just lovely and very much a part of the family. Our latest addition is a cheeky budgie named George. ( Still to take some pics) He really belongs to DS2, but the whole family has simply fallen in love with him. He has a brilliant personality and is learning to talk!!!

Now for things Quilty!! I have sewn for as long as I can remember. I had my first machine when I was around 10. I sewed clothes, at the time mainly for my Snoopy stuffed toy. I then progressed to clothes for myself. At 15 I got my first full time job in a factory that made ladies clothing. I was only there for just under a year before my family moved to Melbourne. (From Perth) It was here I got a job at Myer and stayed there for about 5 years. This whole time, I still made clothes for myself, the thought of doing anything else with a machine had never occured to me. At 21 I went back to study dressmaking and design full time at TAFE. I never finished that course (surprise surprise) I got a little distracted by marriage, and babies. Now on a Scquilters thread I stated that the first quilt I made was for my neice, but I have since remembered the cot quilt I made for my first child.We still have it, in fact the kids fight over it. It is a panel from spotlight, I used really thick spongy poly batting. Bagged out the back and then roughly quilted it following some lines in the design, LOL. I was so proud!!! And that was it for about 10 years UNTIL....... I was looking for a different gift for a girlfriend for her 30th B'day, and another friend suggested a little wall hanging with a stitchery and some peicing. It was quilted, and bound even, and it was the beginning of what is now a rather serious obession. so now, Sewing clothes, NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!! The family have to nag to get me to even take up pants or sew on a button. I also went through an extended Bear making faze, in fact I am working on one now, the first in a while. As well as the 2 quilts I have on the go and the 2 bag patterns I am trying to write!!! As well as managing my little ebay business.

Is that enough for today?? LOL I think so, anyone still reading has probably nodded off by now. Catch you next time.