Saturday, 28 March 2009

Here it is..........

............finally in all its glory!! Well the exterior anyways. We are at lock up, and have even had rain to prove that it is also water tight! In fact there is a 3000 liter tank at the back, that is also functioning and is about 1/3 full now!! We are well pleased.

It has been an intense month. Between my obligation to Black Dog, planning a craft night for my Church, and the everyday family has been a bit of a blur. Obviously if we were having it built it would not have taken that long. But when Husband has often been working 6 days a week, we have had to grab what ever spare min there was to build the shed. There has also been rain and heat to deal with, usually on alternating days but sometimes you would get slammed with both. It has been quite amazing watching Husband work on this. Although he doesn't build sheds for a living, he does work with steal and aluminum every day so it was simply a matter of applying that skill to a different project. Thankfully it also meant he had all the right tools to make the job a breeze. I have spent a lot of time at the bottom of his ladder making sure it doesnt tip. But I have also done my fair share of ladder time, far from my favorite thing.

SO.......Term 1 has been about the build, term 2 is all about the fit out and MOVING IN!!! We are on hold for a couple of weeks. Holidays are coming up whoohoo, I think, we have a long drive ahead of us. (More about that in another post)

Sorry I have been away so long, but I think the Big Red Shed is evidence that I haven't been sitting on my behind!! LOL