Sunday, 25 January 2009

Big Red Shed Update...

Well Saturday morning we FINALLY saw some action in the back yard. The boys turned up to box up the slab and put the plastic and reo in place. I am told they will be coming at 7am Tuesday to pour the concrete. I have almost been too scared to say it out loud just in case. Only time will tell, but hopefully by tomorrow night I will be able to share pictures of my floor!


Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I am packing parcels, yippee!!! But only for Nancy and May Britt at the moment. Lissa Jane........where are you???

Monday, 19 January 2009

And the winners are.............

I was a little puzzled as to how to do the draw, I hear others talk of random number generators...........but I have no idea how to do that. So I did it the old fashioned way. Printed the comments and folded them up........

.......and put them in my nice green bowl. LOL I tossed them around and drew out 3.

So the winners are..........

Gift 1 - Lissa Jane

Gift 2 - May Britt

Gift 3 - Nancy in Norway

Thank you to the 28 people who entered my little competition, this has been a lot of fun and I hope the winners enjoy their prizes.

PS can the winners please email me with their postal address, thanks.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Give away CLOSED

As it is now midnight your opportunity to enter my give away has past. But that also means it is time to pick some winners........which I will do tomorrow after a good night sleep!! He he he he he he


Sunday, 11 January 2009


You may remember in my previous post I mentioned that it was my 99th, dropping the major hint I guess therefore that this is my.............................

100th post!!!

For days and days I have waited to have something good to blog about, I mean it had to be special to be included in this milestone post. But just this morning I have decided that this post doesn't have to be about anything but.................. 
........................GIVING STUFF AWAY!!!

WOOOHOOOOOO! (Well I hope you are saying that)

If you dont already know I have a small business I run through ebay selling bits and pieces, so I have raided my stock and found some of my favourite items to share with you. I considered having 1 mega prize then thought, nah share the love. So have have 3 little gift packages

Gift 1: Small & Large Heart Yo Yo Makers, Matilda's Own Applique Pins & Silicone bobbin holder.

Gift 2. 18mm Clover Bias Maker, 10mm Fusible Tape ( to with the bias Maker), Matilda's Own Applique Pins & Silicone bobbin holder.

Gift 3: 9 FQ's from the SSS Blenders range & Large Flower Yo Yo maker from Clover

You know the drill, leave a comment and tell me which gift package you would like. I will leave this open for a week I think as traffic past my blog is slowish. Dare I say tell all your friends?? LOL (I wonder if I can break my record for comments?? ) So you have until Sat 17th at midnight to leave you comment to this post. GOOD LUCK!!

PS you can find my ebay store by clicking Patchwork Promises

PPS I have  checked back and the most comments I have ever had on 1 post is 6, we can beat that for sure!! LOL

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Stack & Slash

Well it has been a long, but productive day. Didn't get to the machine till lunchtime, and am trying not to do the "what if I had started sewing at 10am" thing......... Here is what the Stack & Slash looks like at the moment.

What you see is 9 x 19 inch blocks, that now just need some sashing and a border. It is going to make a decent size quilt, which is pleasing. The layout is not fixed, I just threw them on the bed to take the picture. Now I have a small dilemma, to sash this or continue trimming my little square in a squares for double delight?? Will see what mood strikes me in the morning.

Night night
PS  UM........I think this is my 99th post!!!!! What to do, what to do?? Celebrate?? Maybe..............................

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Double Delight

Here are some pics of my progress. I have ALMOST completed Part 1, needing to still trim up 60 of the blocks as you can see. Pictured above is the pile of waste, that I trimmed off so far. It is weird that I don't want to throw it out or that I took a picture of it?? I have been playing with it too!
I am taking a break from Double Delight tomorrow, to make a Stack & Slash. (Remember the Amy Butler Fabrics??) I will post pics during the day, the plan is to have at least the blocks finished. I have a load of washing in the machine on delay so it will be ready to hang out when I get up (so I don't fall behind) and I plan to do a quick tidy up now. I have 2 friends coming to sew also and I hope it will be a fun, productive day.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

2 New Quilts

I am sure we have all heard the saying "don't go food shopping when you are hungry". Well I have a new one for you; don't read blogs, messages or visit websites about patchwork when you are in a sewing drought!!! I have been ITCHING to get on my machine. This itch has gotten stronger as I have seen pictures of and read about what others are doing. So what have I done? I am making 2 quilts now, at the moment, literally from nothing to everything at once. I had a passing thought about the UFO's that are hanging around, and then casually passed the CC over to buy this lovely bundle of Amy Butler Fabrics. I am going to make a Stack & Slash with it, and it is all Jasmines fault. LOL

The next quilt is the new mystery quilt by Bonnie of Quiltville fame called Double Delight. I have decided this will be a stash buster as I have masses of the Chelsea Boutique fabric I made the QAYG out of. Most of it purchased from Junes when she had the Lily Patches Fire Sale.  What you see below is the cutting PART 1 only. It is 120 squares and 480 triangles to make 120 little square in a square blocks. I am seriously questioning my sanity, but I have an extraordinary amount of fun doing all this cutting. I might just add this is also Jasmines fault, but if this is the type of thing she influences me to do, it really aint all that bad.
Keep you posted. Oh and I have a new car, but I cant find the pictures I took, so will take some more when I have the camera out again. And there is NO progress on the shed! (GGRRRR)