Saturday, 29 August 2009

Why I love blogging........

I am sure that we all have different reasons for liking that is HIGH on my list is that they are an incredible resource!! Needed a problem solved last week and I found the answer at All Sorts!! Jenny Beck Harris is a wonderful Illustrator and all round crafter......and these fabric coasters are just genius!! I needed to make 30 of something out of fabric for my Term 3 craft needed to be quick and cute and affordable as I was giving them away. These hit EVERY mark and the ladies receiving them LOVED them. So thank you Jenny....for sharing these coasters. AMAZING that the tutorial went up nearly 3 years ago....and was just waiting there for me for right now. The MAGIC of blogs!! LOL

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Shed.....AGAIN

This is taking a long, long time! and it honestly feels like it is taking forever. But at this point every little step forward is like a giant leap. Pictured above is what we did this weekend: Firstly has you can see I have turned the car in to moving advertisement, very very cool. I have one on the door of the shed too. The next pic is of the slat wall we have installed under the window....there is a similar piece on the opposite wall. I still need to track down some hardware for that.....will be nice to have things up on display..... and lastly in lining of the front wall. The left side was mostly done last weekend....but the little bits in the middle either side of the door where fussy cuts: they were done yesterday. And today we did the even fiddler ones round the window and that giant angled piece above the window. We just have to cover the steel and do some trims on that wall now......

I am ordering a whole heap of plastic tubs tomorrow. The sort and label while I cant do anything else. Hopefully it will serve 2 keep me busy and make me feel like I am doing something and SHOULD make moving day a whole lot easier. Will take a pic when they arrive......I am a little excited...does that make me strange??


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Shed Update

Now I know I promised you a shed update tomorrow and as it is 12:08am, it is now technically the next tomorrow.....I also figure in theory as I have not been to sleep, it must actually still be today or the first tomorrow and it will remain so until I have been to sleep and I wake up tomorrow! By then I would have welched on my promise to update you tomorrow...........(can you tell it is late?? LOL) So if I do it NOW.......all is good?? with me??

So shed....more walls clad. 2 sections are completed of a necessary 6, but a lack of materials had bought us to a grinding halt over the weekend. Husband has spent the day with the trailer on......collecting goodies from all over town. I think it is all here now bar the ceiling. The skirting's are also being custom cut and will be ready for collecting later in the week.

The picture I have included is of one of the completed sections. Including design wall......I plan on covering it with something...I am told flannel is the best. Can you see the power points?? LOL there are 10 double sockets in the room!!! Luxury!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am........(feel a bit like screaming inside........) Just taking deep breaths......and practicing my patience. LOL

More soon I hope!


Sunday, 9 August 2009

FINAL PIF Update....

I have been told by all my participants that they have received their parcels......YAY!!! So THANKFULLY I am now done with Pay it Forward for now. So to Pam, Jane, Jas & SueBK....thank you it has been fun making your gifts. I am glad you all like them so well. I am sorry to all other blog readers that there are no pictures at my end. I COMPLETELY forgot about taking any till I was on the way home from the post office......and obviously by then it was too late. Maybe the girls will put one up.


PS Shed update tomorrow, or the day after lol.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


I have FINALLY completed my commitment to the PIF challenge.....with the posting of 4 parcels on Thursday. It was not until I returned home that I remembered that I had forgotten to take any pictures so I am relying on the recipients to post a picture if possible and I will link back to their blogs. I have already had Glenice check in with both an email AND phone call.....the postie was on fire and she has already received her parcel already!!!