Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Time for a Sneak Peek....

My the year is flying by...it is just so hard to comprehend that we are almost at September. I know I have been absent from my blog, been feeling like I am spreading myself a bit thin lately. Although the blogging has fallen off a bit, I am still busy creating AND this was the first place I wanted to reveal a peek at my latest project.

As usual I am making 2 versions, mainly as I just cannot decide between fabrics. LOL it also helps to cement the process in my brain before I write the pattern. I am very excited about this one: so simple. ESPECIALLY the cutting. It takes 10 cuts if I am counting correctly! So a bit of ironing, sorting and cutting maybe 30-45 min and you are ready to stitch!!! Gotta love that!! watch this space for further previews.