Saturday, 2 February 2008

Going to Sew....

I am writing this post and then I am going to sew! It is a bit late to be starting I know but if I do a little bit tonight, I will be inspired and organised for tomorrow! 

It has been a day of contrasting emotions today. Mum rang this morning to tell me my Cousins  12 month old baby has been experiencing mild seizures. Fortunately my cousin thought to video what was happening so when she went to the Dr she could take it as evidence. He sent them straight to a Paediatrician who has ordered testing on Monday! The hard thing is they are in Adelaide, and the rest of us are here in Melbourne. I am sure my Aunt will be heading over to offer her support.

Then my father dropped around the book his staff have put together to celebrate his retirement. I know he is lovely but it is overwhelming to read how respected he is in his work place. He finishes up at the end of next week, then he and mum move. I think he will be busier in retirement than he is now, as if often the way.

So Waking the Dead has started, and it is my main source of distraction, I will work during the ads. (Well try to!!) Thankfully I had a little snooze this afternoon, so I will not feel the need to go to bed soon.



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