Tuesday, 12 February 2008

It has been a few days since my bed bound whiney post!! I didn't completely solve my dilemma, and I doubt if I ever will. But on that day I managed to get a decent amount of housework done and some sewing. The bag (reproduction fabrics) is almost finished, like 10 min from finished and that makes me happy. Have only been near the machine in the last few days to repair school uniforms, (uugh). Yesterday and today have been spent helping my parents move house. And I have tried very very hard to also stay on top of things here at home too, so tomorrow there shouldn't be too much to do before I can hit the machine.

Today's quilt is the 2nd wedding quilt I made. This was for my cousin Jeremy and his wife Raquel. As we had give Jeremy's sister, Minda, a quilt the year before, Raquel seemed very prepared when we asked what colours she would like!! The answer, mustard, burgundy and navy!!! I was really happy with the end result!

 I have discovered something cool. I was worried about how tiny the pictures came out on my blog, disappointed that it was hard to see the detail (especially on the lithograph). But if you click on the pic, IT GETS BIGGER!!!! Am I the last one to work this out?? LOL

Night night


PS Lindi thanks for all the lovely comments!! Actually blogging on my blog is an sort of new years resolution for 2008!!


Lizzy said...

Just thought I would say Hi. I stop by your blog and enjoy looking at the quilts you make. I love the colors on this quilt mustard and navy. And the lay out of the quilt in the previous post I love. The cream black and red backgrounds. I love it you took an easy basic pattern and made it unique.


Jane said...

Re the size, do you choose the size when you upload them. Goes from small, med, large and you can place it left, centre,right. The latter does not like some formats.

Nicole and Phil said...

I was going to say what Jane has said above too!
I always use medium pictures on my blog!
Hope that works better for you!
The quilt looks great too!