Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jelly LOVE!!!

What is it about a Jelly Roll that can make one's heart flutter?? (or is that just me??) Visited Lilly Patches today and just couldn't resist this little bundle. As you can see I have already unrolled it, for a closer look. But I cant quite get it to go back the same way it came. The fabric is by Howard Marcus for Moda and is called Heritage 1846. It has everything that I like in it as far a colour and design go AND a portion goes to fund the research in to Ovarian Cancer!!

So......what to make??

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Angel Things

I have a very loyal customer called Tam who has a VERACIOUS appetite for plastic self cover buttons, and until just now I have never really know what she does with them. Please go and have a look at her site, Angel Things, Tam is obviously a very clever lady!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Summer Breeze..... Finally!!

Here it is!!! On the back of the couch, its new home. Did I tell you about the little hole?? Well I made a little hole on the binding as I snipped the last thread. I have placed a dob of Fray Stop on it, but I still feel I need to do something else BUT I am hard pressed to find the hole again now??!!  

So now I am for bed, as I am tired. Did a tiny bit of spring cleaning, and it has worn me out. LOL