Sunday, 3 January 2010

Today......we gardened!!

You know it is funny, I always say that I am not a gardener. But as I prepared the pictures for this post I am wondering if maybe, just maybe I need to change that perception of myself.

We had a lovely sleep in today, and then yummy bacon and eggs for brunch at about 11.30. Was planning to sew all day, but husband floated the idea of a trip to the garden supplies place. We have needed to remulch, and do a bit of a tidy up around the Shed. It was forecast to be a lovely cool day, so I figured why not. Here is what we have been busy doing.

This is before..............

.........and here is after. I have to still get another couple of pots to go either side of the one that is already there. We want to fill them with strawberry plants as we seem to be able to keep them alive. We are learning what works for us......and doing more of it.

This next photo is looking up the yard from the front, can you see the shed just peaking out on the right?? Today we put the little river pebbles around the pavers, a job that has been waiting to be done for YEARS!! We also put new mulch around the olive tree and in the bed down the left hand side. We have had several lots of plants in there over the years but the dogs trash them as they bolt to the fence to bark at the people on the bike track. Not sure what to try in there that they will not kill again. Also notice the 2 square pots with our thriving strawberry plants. Husband picked almost a punnets worth off them yesterday.And finally some treasures from the front yard. The rose is on the scruffiest of bushes you have ever seen, and today it produces THIS an almost perfect bud. I am a little surprised by the colour as I thought this was a Black Beauty, but it is amazing just the same. The Daisies hold a special place in our hearts. They came from the Garden of my husbands grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago. She had lived in the same house for most of her 93 years and these flowers filled the front garden. I commented on them once and the next time my in laws came to visit, Mumma sent with them some cuttings from her garden. They didn't flower last summer and I honestly thought we had lost them, but here they are in all their glory. Even though Mumma is no longer with us, and her house has just recently been sold, they are a living reminder of her and the wonderful times we spent in her home.

So NOW I can spend the evening sewing, and that gives me something to talk about tomorrow .... are you proud of me! 3 Days in a row!!!!!



Handmade by Mai said...

Looks very nice, we have snow and it's freezing cold. So I don't have to garden (LOL)

Mai ( the Netherlands)

ozjane said...

A great days looks fabbo.

Gene Black said...

Lynda, good job on the gardening.
I had to look up "punnet" as we don't use that word in the USA. Ah, now I have a new word for the day. Thanks

I am wondering about the rose. If you took a cutting and rooted it, it probably reverted to one of the "ancestors" as the Black Beauty is a hybrid. It is a pretty bud nonetheless.

Peg said...

What glory to see summer in the middle of our winter - beautiful job, you really are a gardener!

Lindi said...

A day spent well, I'd say! It's all looking great. Come and do mine? I'll feed you bacon and eggs and anything else you want! lol

Banaghaisge said...

The garden looks fabulous! You could try a pot with something big like a strelitzia (bird of paradise) which would really *pop* against the rust wall of the shed. Andrew's SIL and my neighbour Maggie have both recently painted fences/houses in rust/orange and the greenery looks amazing in front of it!!!
Maggie has done her trims in a great blue-purple. It looks wonderful. (And so much better than cream and mission brown...).
The Shed header pic looks great, too.
Well done that girl!
Hugs and happy 2010, Jasmine xxxx