Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day 2 - Meg's Quilt

What a day!!!! Had coffee with a friend that I have not seen since before Christmas. Spent around 4 hours at the local pool with my sister, a girlfriend and 9 children!! Shopped for and cooked tea......and THEN this evening I have managed to get the quilt top all together!!

You can just see the 2 fabrics that I am auditioning for the 1st border. I will make the decision when the light is better tomorrow....but the girl herself likes the buttery yellow....and I am tending to agree with her. The purple seems to spoil the softness of it and I feel the softness of the colours makes it is just delicious!!

So, so far......on track!! Got a big day of shopping and movies tomorrow, but NEED to sneak in a trip for borders and backing. Don't want to be caught short with nothing to do tomorrow evening!!!


Lindi said...

I'm voting buttery yellow, too. :) You have made wonderful progress. It's looking lovely.

ozjane said...

looking really good..... I love how quilts like that come together ...cuddly.