Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day 5 - Meg's Quilt

A no picture post again tonight....only because I forgot to bring the camera out to the shed with me today and I am too too tired to go in and get it. LOL

It has been a frustrating day all round.....personal drama's that I will not bore you with and frustrations at the machine as well. After promising myself to keep this quilt simple, recognising that a simple plan was the only thing that would get it done on time: I broke my own rule and thought I would try a bit of decorative stitching for the quilting over just straight stitch. It is a technique I use on my bags all the time. Well it was a total disaster.....I think that it was the weight of the quilt dragging through the machine and the design was not stitching out nicely at all. Really it was quite deformed and looked WEIRD! I had only stitched about a meter of it before I decided to switch back, but unpicking that meter took almost 2 hours....uugghh The design you see made it tricky!

I was determined to get back to where I had planned to be by this evening anyway, and have done my best to reach that milestone but I have come up just short. I wanted all the quilting done, and given a clear run I would have....I have now just called it quits for the day with the whole center now quilted in a 3" grid. Tomorrow I just have to quilt the borders.

New plan is to be working on the binding by lunch time. I have a birthday party to go to on Tuesday so I do really need to get the bulk of it done tomorrow.....FINGERS CROSSED heading into the home stretch!!!

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