Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Summer Breeze Cont

I know there is some people out there wanting to see this quilt finished (Hi Karen & Nic!! LOL) So you will be pleased to hear that today I have taken the next step. I have finally cut the Scalloped border, and the bias binding ready to go. I hope to get back to it tonight, as I fear if I don't it will be left again. My plan is to get the binding machined on, so then I can pick it up any time to work on the hand stitching. It could even be a traveling project, even if it is a slightly larger one.

So I guess I should also tell you my other news. I have gotten myself a little job, which I am still unsure about for many reasons. I have not worked for at least 6 years, and it is getting harder and harder to justify why I shouldnt. So when a friend told me that the company she works for was looking for more outworkers, it seemed like too good an opportunity to turn down. Yes it is boring repetative work, but it is dead simple and I get to work from home AND it pays pretty well. So what is it, check out the link to Black Dog!!


Catherine said...

Congratulations on your job!! Just think a bit more fabric money!!!!! Cathyx

ozjane said...

Got lots of good CD's to put on while you work.