Thursday, 30 October 2008

This is the Spot.......

Once again husband and I are trying to come to some agreement regarding a studio in the back yard. We know 1 thing; that this is the spot where it should go. Now the first step was obviously to remove the dwelling that you can see. I simply listed in on Ebay and sold it first try and got a mighty fine price. So it is actually no longer there, I am just too lazy to go and take another picture. LOL So that is one project I am working on, if anyone has any suggestions regarding what to actually put there I am open to any and all ideas.


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Lissa Jane said...

I guess first off you gotta check with your council (they can be boogers at time) BUT my neighbours wanted an 'office' and they got one of those portable ones at auction for very little $'s.. it was around $2-3K?? cost them another $1K for electricity and a bullnose awning for the front, and it looked great had an a/c in it and plumbing.. neighbours moved out and had no problem in selling it for double what they paid for it (crazy)something work looking into.. me? I have told dags I want an old 'red rattler' train carriage for a sewing room.. um he doesn't think its a 'hot' idea but I am workin' on it! LOL