Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Postie Came.........

..................................and bought me a parcel from the USA. May seem like a strange time to be buying from the states in light of the W.E.C. (World Economic Crisis), but desperate times........ So what did I get?? Do I hear some of you saying it looks like a fabric size parcel???

Well you would be right!!! I have finally gotten around to ordering the fabric for the border of the Bee's knee's quilt. Despite the W.E.C. I still saved money on this lot.I purchased 4 yards, which cost me us$41.92 (including delivery). That converts to around $64 aussie dollars. So working on $20 per meter here at home. it would have cost me at least $72 for the 3.6m. Trouble was, I couldnt even find meterage here!! I am kicking myself for not buying it 3 months ago, would have made a bigger saving.

Might be a while before I get the border on, so don't expect any pics soon!!


PS Recieved confirmation today that the shed will be delivered on the 12th of Dec. WooHOO!!!

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