Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Bear Mania!

I promised you a pic of the bear, and here he is with his buddy. The original Quackers is wearing the orange slippers. I made him in a class at Bear Essence maybe about 4 years ago. I had him on display at a craft exhibition recently and a friend BEGGED me to make another as a gift for her daughter who gets married next month. Apparently the bride to be's nick name is Ducky!! So here is Quackers 2, all finished and well ahead of the August 20th deadline I gave myself. ( The wedding is Sept 20th ) Even though both of these guys have been made from exactly the same pattern, can you see the difference in their size?? The only reason I can think of is that the backing fabric of the darker mohair is firmer and didnt stretch as I stuffed it. (Has anyone else had this happen??) If you visit the Bear Essence site, look for designs from Tready Bears. Di is my FAVORITE teddy designer by far, but is also a very generous teacher and most of the bears I have made are hers. Quackers comes from a series of "Costume Bears" that are all just 7" tall, and as the name suggests have different costumes. As well as Quackers I have made Toad, and I have the Wabbit pattern here waiting. I would love to also make Mary Christmas and if my memory serves me correctly there are several designs in the collection that Di hasnt released. ( A butterfly maybe??) Di is also an awesome patchworker!! Hope to show you some stitching soon, been making some progress on my 12 Red Robins from Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches. Oh and I am knitting!!! Did I tell you that already? Think I did, LOL. Better go to bed, night night.

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