Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hello to MY Angel

So I have introduced you to my Mortal, so now it is time to "out" my Angel. I have been blessed to be the recipient of some lovely treats from the lovely Di. Here is a picture of the parcel I received this week, once again full of treasures. It has taken much longer to get this post up than I would have liked, as I wanted to include the pictures and I have trouble editing the layout on my Mac. DH is at basketball with DS2, so I FINALLY have access to the PC. I know you have been dropping by Angel, it is wonderful now to be able to visit your blog and know it is YOU!!!

Just wanted to thank you here for all the lovely gifts this year and I look forward now to getting to know you better.

I wish that I had time prior to Christmas to get this stocking kit made up, but I fear time is against me. Next year!!!


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blessed speedy said...

Goodness you say the nicest things - it was a pleasure to spoil you each month