Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Rough Day

Been sitting here trying to work out whether to post today or not, not feeling really chatty or positive today. It has been a difficult couple of days, but I have just plodded along. Still getting things done which I do take some comfort in. Tomorrow may be a different story, no real plans for the day and it is those days that seem the hardest. I guess it also has to do with being on my own for the largest part of the day; when I feel like this company really bouys me along BUT it isnt always practical or realistic to have company. I really want to get the bag pattern written, but I really need DH's help with the diagrams, and well it is 10pm and he needs to be heading to bed soon. I want it done SOON!!! Coz then there is another one to write... man!!! Then the projects in my head........ will it ever end.

So now I think it is time for a milo and bed and I will pop in tomorrow when hopefully I will be a little less morose!!

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Caitlin O'Connor said...

gorgeous roses! And yep - I so know what you mean when your head is SUPERFULL buzzing and you have to wait for someone else's help and you're just gonna BURST!!

Hot milk and milo and bed time for me, too!
(Caity from Scquilters)