Friday, 1 June 2007

Here I am!!

Well, I have taken the plunge!! Everyone seems to be blogging, so I thought I would join in. And it seems like a really great way for online friends to get to know each other. So I guess I should tell you about myself.

I am m
arried to Darren, this year it will be 18 years!!!! We have 4 children DD1 - 17yo, DS1 - 14yo, DS2 - 12yo & DD2 - 10yo. We live at the foot of the Dandenongs in Melbourne. We have 2 dogs.
To the left here is
Clover and the one underneath is Socks, the old man of the pair. They are just lovely and very much a part of the family. Our latest addition is a cheeky budgie named George. ( Still to take some pics) He really belongs to DS2, but the whole family has simply fallen in love with him. He has a brilliant personality and is learning to talk!!!

Now for things Quilty!! I have sewn for as long as I can remember. I had my first machine when I was around 10. I sewed clothes, at the time mainly for my Snoopy stuffed toy. I then progressed to clothes for myself. At 15 I got my first full time job in a factory that made ladies clothing. I was only there for just under a year before my family moved to Melbourne. (From Perth) It was here I got a job at Myer and stayed there for about 5 years. This whole time, I still made clothes for myself, the thought of doing anything else with a machine had never occured to me. At 21 I went back to study dressmaking and design full time at TAFE. I never finished that course (surprise surprise) I got a little distracted by marriage, and babies. Now on a Scquilters thread I stated that the first quilt I made was for my neice, but I have since remembered the cot quilt I made for my first child.We still have it, in fact the kids fight over it. It is a panel from spotlight, I used really thick spongy poly batting. Bagged out the back and then roughly quilted it following some lines in the design, LOL. I was so proud!!! And that was it for about 10 years UNTIL....... I was looking for a different gift for a girlfriend for her 30th B'day, and another friend suggested a little wall hanging with a stitchery and some peicing. It was quilted, and bound even, and it was the beginning of what is now a rather serious obession. so now, Sewing clothes, NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!! The family have to nag to get me to even take up pants or sew on a button. I also went through an extended Bear making faze, in fact I am working on one now, the first in a while. As well as the 2 quilts I have on the go and the 2 bag patterns I am trying to write!!! As well as managing my little ebay business.

Is that enough for today?? LOL I think so, anyone still reading has probably nodded off by now. Catch you next time.

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Lindi said...

Well done! Hope you enjoy the whole blogging experience. And I didn't find it boring at all. How about a pic of your first quilt for your next post?