Sunday, 3 June 2007

Home is Where the Heart is

So we have seen the seen the first attempt. Jump forward to 1999, and I was looking for a different gift for a friend for her 30th birthday. A very quilty friend, Elizabeth, showed me a stack of craft magazines and said find something in there! I found a small wall hanging with a lovely stitched saying about friendship and some applique. I went to spotlight, to buy fabric, I mean where else do you buy fabric from?? With Elizabeth's guidance I machine pieced, then hand buttonhole stitched the applique, then hand quilted and then actually bound my first proper quilty type project. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of it and the girl I gave it to is not part of my circle anymore. I wonder if she still has it on her wall??

But I do have pic of my very next project, another wall hanging. This project was done with a craft group at a local church that Elizabeth helped run with a SCQuilter named Sally (who has now moved to Q'land somewhere) I owe these 2 ladies a lot in repect to really understanding patchwork and quilting. Before them I had never heard of 1/4" seam, or log cabins and they were responsible for taking me to my first patchwork shop.(The one that used to be in Tecoma, not the one that is currently there, don't remember what it was called.) This particular project was a great learning experience as it had a little bit of everything in it. It still hangs on the wall in the Rumpus Room. It is also the project that really "switched" the light on so to speak and turned me into a patchworker.

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Lindi said...

i like your wall quilt. It would have been lovely to work on. No wonder it hooked you!