Wednesday, 6 June 2007


I am making bonnets!! I think it was a SCQuitlers post that put me on to it. Here is the Link -

I just thought the whole thing looked interesting so I decided to have a go. Although I am unsure if I have any actual convict relatives, I have selected a couple of convict women that have similar family names. I am just organising the pattern now, and I may even get it cut tonight. I have no hand work to take around with me at the moment so decorating these will be good. I might try some candlewicking, never done that before. I plan on making 2 at the moment, but I may make more. It is really strange you know, at Easter we went to Sovereign Hill and there was all these fantastic bonnets in the Drapery. I honestly thought " I would like to make a Bonnet", then barely weeks later there is a message on the SCQuilters board about bonnets. Could have blown me over with a feather. So I will keep you updated as to how it is going.

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Lindi said...

Hi Linda! Have you finished any bonnets, yet? How about some pics!