Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Double Delight

Here are some pics of my progress. I have ALMOST completed Part 1, needing to still trim up 60 of the blocks as you can see. Pictured above is the pile of waste, that I trimmed off so far. It is weird that I don't want to throw it out or that I took a picture of it?? I have been playing with it too!
I am taking a break from Double Delight tomorrow, to make a Stack & Slash. (Remember the Amy Butler Fabrics??) I will post pics during the day, the plan is to have at least the blocks finished. I have a load of washing in the machine on delay so it will be ready to hang out when I get up (so I don't fall behind) and I plan to do a quick tidy up now. I have 2 friends coming to sew also and I hope it will be a fun, productive day.



Idaho Quilter said...

I think Double Delight will be worth the effort, but Oh all that trimming. Have fun taking a break with friends.

Rose said...

Oh this is going to be pretty!! Beautiful fabrics!! They will make a lovely quilt!! Well done!

Amy said...

the colors are gorgeous!! iw ill check back to see the finished, thanks for sharing, Amy