Sunday, 11 January 2009


You may remember in my previous post I mentioned that it was my 99th, dropping the major hint I guess therefore that this is my.............................

100th post!!!

For days and days I have waited to have something good to blog about, I mean it had to be special to be included in this milestone post. But just this morning I have decided that this post doesn't have to be about anything but.................. 
........................GIVING STUFF AWAY!!!

WOOOHOOOOOO! (Well I hope you are saying that)

If you dont already know I have a small business I run through ebay selling bits and pieces, so I have raided my stock and found some of my favourite items to share with you. I considered having 1 mega prize then thought, nah share the love. So have have 3 little gift packages

Gift 1: Small & Large Heart Yo Yo Makers, Matilda's Own Applique Pins & Silicone bobbin holder.

Gift 2. 18mm Clover Bias Maker, 10mm Fusible Tape ( to with the bias Maker), Matilda's Own Applique Pins & Silicone bobbin holder.

Gift 3: 9 FQ's from the SSS Blenders range & Large Flower Yo Yo maker from Clover

You know the drill, leave a comment and tell me which gift package you would like. I will leave this open for a week I think as traffic past my blog is slowish. Dare I say tell all your friends?? LOL (I wonder if I can break my record for comments?? ) So you have until Sat 17th at midnight to leave you comment to this post. GOOD LUCK!!

PS you can find my ebay store by clicking Patchwork Promises

PPS I have  checked back and the most comments I have ever had on 1 post is 6, we can beat that for sure!! LOL


Lindi said...

Woohoo, Linda! Break out the champagne!
Count me in for the draw. I'll post a link on my blog for you too.
Great idea having 3 giveaways. Increases our chances for a bit of goodness. lol

Jenny F said...

Fabulous Linda. How generous. I would be happy with any of the gifts but the third one is my favourite followed by the first. I have been wanting to buy the flower and heart yoyo makers for ages but the budget hasn't stretched enough yet LOL I will post a link on my blog.
Thankyou so much for your generosity.

SandyQuilts said...

I couldn't sleep so thought I read some blogs. Yahoooo congrats on your 100th. My favorite is #3 but I'd be happy with any of the prizes. thanks

Rowena said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Blogging is so much fun, I have succumbed and joined blogland too. Gift Two is my favourite, I've been wanting to try making fusible bias for awhile now. Shall post a link on my blog after seeing your link on SCQ.

May Britt said...

Happy blogiversary
I think gift #2 would perfect because I have for a long time thought about getting myself one of those bias makers.

julie in Geraldton said...

happy blog anniversay to you. I am more than happy to comment on your 1ooth blog and to receive a prize is just a added benefit.
Any prize would be lovely, but maybe number 3 or 2 or 1.....see, I am easy to please.
Julie in Geraldton Australia

Lissa Jane said...

well it looks like we've beaten your past record Lynda! I am commenter no. 7 by the looks of it!
Congrats on the 100posts.. I missed mine, story of my life actually..

those heart yoyo maker doo dads and the silicon bobbing thingamajigs are interesting!


Lorraine said...

Hi Lynda...congrats on your 100th..
I just passed that milestone myself - seemed to take ages to get thru the 90's!! Very generous gift packs.....would be happy with any but if I had to choose..(and wouldn't that be nice!!) I would choose #2! Best wishes for the new year - may it be a creative one for you!

Nancy in Norway said...

I love give aways. :-) Any of the three prizes will be perfect for me.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog today, I will be following it in the future. Congratulations on a century of blogs. Any of the prizes would be lovely. I have done a similar stack and slash, I love your colours.

Lorraine Bradley said...

Congratulations. I don't have a blog but I do enjoy reading others. I looked at your DD a day or so ago. It is looking great. I have only completed Clues 1 & 2 although started to cut out 3. Also your Stack & Slash looks fabulous with the sashing between the slashed pieces of fabric. I haven't done this technique of adding the sashing between the fabric yet. If I am lucky to win a prize you can choose.

Julie said...

Congratulations Lynda, I do enjoy your blog and I can hardly wait to see your studio. If I was lucky enough to choose it would be #2.

chook said...

woohoo congras on 100rd posts
I have just gone 100rd myself
I would love to be in your draw please
hugs Beth

maria said...

Hi lynda
congratulations on your 100 post and let it be many , many more.
mmm it has to be gift 3 flower woul look so pretty on those colours.
thank you

Bronwyn said...

Hey Linda, Congratulations on the 100th. post. I always get inspired when I read your blog, you are off to a great start with those projects, I need a kick or two right now. I think I am a little too relaxed after Christmas.Love to be in the draw for a giveaway.I would choose gift three, Can't have too much fabric.It would be just in time for my Birthday, he he.

blessed speedy said...

Hi Lynda
Congratuations on being 100 - from your photos you dont look that
Seriously I enjoy reading of your goings on - and look forward to the photo of the shed opening

Auntie Jappa said...

WAY past 6 comments! Congratulations on 100 posts, I must get started on my first...
So0me of that material could go home to Granma Betty's...

Beeshebags said...

Hi Linda...saw a link on Jenny F's blog mentioning a favourite word of mine "giveaway" (LOL) and couldn't resist coming for a look, and here I am....will put a link on my blog to yours. I'd be happy with all/any of the three but happiest with 3, 2 or 1 in that order! Hugs Naomi

The little book of Nessie said...

Jenny F told me about your blog. I have a feeling we have crossed paths before in another patchwork online group! Congratulations in reaching 100 posts on your blog. I would be happy with any of the three prizes. I think they are all lovely! Regards, Nessie

Ann said...

I don't have a blog but get immense enjoyment reading blogs. I tend to be on the shy side so don't usually leave comments but I thought, why not! it would be fun.

Congratulations on your 100th blog.

Nic said...

Hip Hip Hooray !!!
100 woohoo !!!
Betcha thought a talker like you would have made it months ago.
Hmmmm now that you want to hit me can i still go in your draw ???
Ok i would pick number 3, then 1 and then 2, how's that ??

Erzebat said...

congrats on the 100th post! I myself am slowly creepy up there. Love reading about the imfamous shed! I would like to chose what is behind door number 3 please!(mauh) Liz

Gene Black said...

Greetings! This is my first comment here but after looking about it will not be my last.

I love 3 and 2. I have all of the yo-yo makers, so if I win #3, please give the flower yo-yo maker to the winner of #1. I am all about sharing the love.

I missed my 100th post, but I will be giving a prize at my 125th post and I posted 124 today!

Sylvia said...

congratulations on the 100th post great prizes I would love to win prize no 1 love the heart yoyo's
Good luck with the shed can't wait to read about it more.
Sylvia F :)

Kathy said...

Hi Lynda, I have you on my feeds and have been reading your blog for quite a while. Congratulations on your 100th post! Giveaways are such fun - I've just celebrated my 1st yr Blogoversary so I'm having one too (closes tomorrow)! Feel free to swing by and enter :-)
I think I like gift no1, but its a hard choice 'cos they're all great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda, what a lovely give away idea, I'll have #2 please as I just can't get enough of needle turn applique! Love the 1st photo of scraps from your double delight - very nice photography!

Sooziii said...

Wow Lynda, how nice!

Any prize would be lovely and congratulations on achieving your 100 posts.

Tudy said...

I think prize #3 would be very nice. I can always use more fabric.

Very nice blog.