Sunday, 25 January 2009

Big Red Shed Update...

Well Saturday morning we FINALLY saw some action in the back yard. The boys turned up to box up the slab and put the plastic and reo in place. I am told they will be coming at 7am Tuesday to pour the concrete. I have almost been too scared to say it out loud just in case. Only time will tell, but hopefully by tomorrow night I will be able to share pictures of my floor!



Lindi said...

How exciting for you! Looking forward to all the progress pics.

Lissa Jane said...

so, did the concrete go down?? we have the concereter here yesterday forming up for my BIG SHED (ok its only 6x3.6m but it'll be ALL MINE)
thank you so much for the lovely prize, it really made a lovely surprise for a crap week!

take care and thank you from the bottom of my britches!
who reallly doesn't wear britches, but just loves that word..