Sunday, 4 January 2009

2 New Quilts

I am sure we have all heard the saying "don't go food shopping when you are hungry". Well I have a new one for you; don't read blogs, messages or visit websites about patchwork when you are in a sewing drought!!! I have been ITCHING to get on my machine. This itch has gotten stronger as I have seen pictures of and read about what others are doing. So what have I done? I am making 2 quilts now, at the moment, literally from nothing to everything at once. I had a passing thought about the UFO's that are hanging around, and then casually passed the CC over to buy this lovely bundle of Amy Butler Fabrics. I am going to make a Stack & Slash with it, and it is all Jasmines fault. LOL

The next quilt is the new mystery quilt by Bonnie of Quiltville fame called Double Delight. I have decided this will be a stash buster as I have masses of the Chelsea Boutique fabric I made the QAYG out of. Most of it purchased from Junes when she had the Lily Patches Fire Sale.  What you see below is the cutting PART 1 only. It is 120 squares and 480 triangles to make 120 little square in a square blocks. I am seriously questioning my sanity, but I have an extraordinary amount of fun doing all this cutting. I might just add this is also Jasmines fault, but if this is the type of thing she influences me to do, it really aint all that bad.
Keep you posted. Oh and I have a new car, but I cant find the pictures I took, so will take some more when I have the camera out again. And there is NO progress on the shed! (GGRRRR)


Jane said...

how goes the shed???

Kathy Wagner said...

Love the photo of the triangles waiting to be seen to the square!
How are the mystery blocks coming along?!?