Saturday, 3 May 2008

Plan for today!!

I have one goal for today, and that is the finish the binding on Alanah's quilt. I need to do some washing etc but can fit that around the couch time to stitch the binding. I will tell you later how I went!!!

Also dont know how many of you know I have a little ebay shop, in which I sell what I term as Patchwork Paraphernalia. I basicly buy bits and pieces I need to do my patchwork, and buy a few extra's and sell them on ebay. I have just gotten in a couple of new (and I think exciting) little things. I seriously I cant believe I am contemplating having a go. I was so interested in the grandmothers flower garden that Ros was working on on camp, and I remembered that one of the wholesalers I dealt with sold the paper liners. They have them in several different sizes and at this point I have ordered 2 sizes. 10mm and 26mm. YES I said 10mm!!!! They are sooooooo tiny, but I sooooooo want to have a go!! I doubt if I would ever make a whole quilt, but a table runner maybe doable. Here is a picture......

Also I should give you a link to Patchwork Promises. If you have seen something somewhere else, I am happy to see if I can rustle it up for you!

See you later tonight!! (Hopefully with a finished quilt!!)


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