Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Ok, so I was a little Naughty!!

Went to visit June at Lily Patches today!! She is open for business as of Monday this week. She has done incredibly well to get this far this fast, and all without much help from her Landlord. The shop is not completely restocked yet, but I did find the lovely fabrics pictured above. I told myself I was making a purchase to help June out, but you ever need an excuse to buy fabric. I am making a quilt, and yes it is cut and I am about to sew. So what about everything else?? It will still be there when I finish this one.


Rose said...

Great fabric!! Its ok to be naughty sometimes lol Cant wait to see the quilt!!

Nic said...

So how's the quilt progressing?
At the rate you are going at it should be completed quicker then Alanah's quilt.