Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wild Wednesday!

I am sure that everyone knows about the wild weather we had in Melbourne on Wednesday. Although it was pretty nasty here, I believe we missed the worst of it. We did have one little bit of drama, as you can see the cover of the Gazebo in our backyard, well sort of shredded. When the wind started I did at least think to turn the table over and fold the chairs up and lay them down. (The table has gone tumbling around the backyard one other time) DD1 heard a funny noise and went out to investigate, and this is what she called me to see. DH cut it off when he got home. We have a spare ready to put up but will wait till the spring I think.

Work on the birthday quilt is progressing nicely. I have it all stitched up and ready to baste. I plan on doing that this week, at the church on some trestle tables. With my new Kwik-Clip tool, my basting spray and my instructions!!! Thanks to all the lovely Scquilters who answered my call for help. I am now off to press the quilt, and stitch the backing together, so I am ready to go at a moments notice.

BFN Lynda

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Jo said...

Hi Lynda,
I love the fabrics for your daughters quilt and wont it look lovely made up in the pattern you have chosen.Look forward to seeing a photo.Have a great day