Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Look what came today!!

I have a little story to tell you, and I hope it wont BORE you to tears! LOL My eldest child is turning 18 in 27 days and for weeks I have been pondering over what to give her. Last Friday my sister and her kids were here, and she asked when I might be able to make quilts for her boys. ( I made them for her girls the christmas before last) That prompted a discussion about which of my children still needed quilts, and I had to confess that only 1 of the 4 had one. ( And she only got it this christmas just gone.!!!) Dont you just love light bulb moments, mine went like this. "Oh my goodness, I can make a quilt for Alanah for her birthday!!!" This is the thought I have with 33 days to go!!! Geeze, talk about dense!! Why had this not occured to me MONTHS ago I dont know! So.......I said to Alanah "Would you like a quilt for your birthday??" The answer was, and should I have doubted that it would be a firm YES! So now for a pattern. We looked at the Wave quilt pattern I bought the week before last. Lots of applique, but very simple applique that I would do by machine. OR she says there is this one in a magazine, she even still had the page marked. LUCKY!!!! It was an add for a shop, and the quilt is available in a KIT! Whoo Hoo, and even better it is Super Duper simple in construction and quilting. So I tracked down the phone number and on Saturday, rang the lovely Carolyn at Veronica Violet Stitcheries in Wangaratta. I ordered the kit and matching fabric for backing and explained my pressing situation. She promised to send it first thing Monday, which she obviously did as the kit arrive today! Now April was shaping up to be very busy for me anyways, and it just got a whole lot fuller! I plan to cut tomorrow and stitch on Thursday when the birthday girl is out of the house for the day. Even though she knows all about it, the plan is to see if I can hide it from her until her birthday. I will post pics as I am able, but for now, here is the fabric! The pattern is called "My Old-World Eiderdown", if you visit Carolyn's store you will find a picture there. BFN Lynda

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