Friday, 25 April 2008

What I did on Friday

As is quite typical of me, this afternoon I began working on a present that is required for an 18th birthday TOMORROW NIGHT! And I have made good progress and still have all day tomorrow, so I think I should just make it over the line. The picture above is of all the pieces cut up. You cant tell from the pic but there is 3 stacked  up ready to chain piece. The picture below is of the Geisha's heads all together. I have completely finished all 3 ladies, now tomorrow I just have to put them in a wall hanging. I will add a final picture tomorrow. The pattern is by Margaret Rolfe, and I bought the book from a fellow scquilter for $3. BARGAIN!

The busy week I was anticipating with much trepidation, has largely passed without incident. Though in addition to what I knew I had to do I now have 2 extra's sleeping over tonight. My brother in law is having significant trouble with his back. That leaves my sister baring the bulk of the responsibility for their business and the management of the house and the 4 kids (ages 8, 5, 2 and 7months) I have the 2 older girls tonight to give her a bit of a break. I hope they sleep all night! I am still not caught up on sleep since camp! LOL

While I am thinking of camp; Julie & Bronwyn can you go to my profile, and there you will find a link to email me. When you leave a comment I cant reply and I would love to stay in touch. BFN Lynda

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