Monday, 26 September 2011

Things that make (Shed) life FUN.....

Tonight I have been completing a task that most people might consider boring...but for some reason I LOVE it... I buy my post packs in bulk..and they ALL have to be stamped, twice!

As I have stamped away...I have pondered, wondered why it is that after doing this for close to 5 years now I have not tired of it. There has been moments over that time that I have questioned what it is that I am doing, is it practical, sensible or even financially viable to continue? A few months back, my mother asked me to give a presentation at the Ladies Fellowship group at her church, my topic?? Me and my business. I guess this chain of thought started back as I prepared for that evening and tonight the monotony of stamping 100 envelopes, allowed me to gather that chain and add a few more links.

I have always considered myself a non finisher...I am a GREAT starter...always got a new idea, and skill to master....but often after than flash of enthusiasm wains or life reminds you that that there are other more practical matters that need your attention...things get left behind. So I have spent my life time gathering what seemed like a random, useless set of skills and experiences....where as other people had careers or degrees to show for their time...I was often left struggling to explain who I was or what I did? Until now....just in the last few months I have come to understand that all of that stuff I gathered along the way has FINALLY taken shape and is giving life to Patchwork Promises. I will be honest and say that this all started out as a hobby, something for me to do while the children where young and while I recovered my confidence from many years personal struggle. In June I gave it all a really hard think. SHOULD I continue or is finding a "real" job the best thing for me and the family. The conclusion....there is nothing else in this world that I can even contemplate me doing....and as long as I find joy in stamping return addresses over and over again....I will keep doing THIS.

Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement...I feel the very least I can do is just occasionally brighten your day with the chance at a little something from me...tonight I am feeling very content!

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Lindi said...

Good for you, Lynda - doing something that you love! We love that you do it, too. :)