Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Plan

So I am taking a side step for this post...still working on the free motion and beading AND working on some samples for the Heathmont Baptist Quilt Show coming up....because of all of that and factors in my personal life I felt the need to introduce a New Plan for the day/week/month/forever maybe...LOL

My husband is away at the moment...working......for 3 months! I hey! In reality it is not the longest he has been away but I guess I know very well what it will be like...sigh. One of the tasks I must take over from him is running number 1 son to the 5.45am! The first week I got up, took him and came home to bed. Because I was so awake it took ages to go back to realistically I had to ask if it was worth it?? Well the way I felt all day suggested it was not. So a New Plan was put in place....get up at 5.30am and stay up!

Now I have always seen myself as a night not a morning person. I sat down and had a good hard look at myself and WHY I often end up working so late into the night. I have always felt I do my best work under pressure and really seem to need an impending deadline to motivate me: even if that deadline was bed time......LOL. I am also a is it a case of having learned to work under pressure because that is the corner I box myself into ALL THE TIME??? I have never really given myself the room to plan and organise to see if I actually get a better out come....not just in the practical things but emotionally & physically too....coz being under the pump is sure stressful!

So the New Plan was conceptualize and realised in the form of a spread sheet pretty much programming every min of the day from 5.30am to 10pm. I have acknowledged, work needs, family needs, social commitments, exercise and time for me to play at things I enjoy! Coz honestly when we get busy...isn't it the fun stuff that goes out the window but it is also the stuff that can help keep us sane!

So 3 days is the Plan functioning...

Firstly I am getting through the things I have set for the day...that is good...I guess I have not gained myself more time in the day I am just shifting the hours that I am up and operational...LOL But the true key to the New Plan is going to bed early enough to make up for the early start....and it is where I am struggling...old habits are hard to break. Today I am sooky and feeling very hard done by. Yesterday I layed down to relax my back and fell asleep (surprise surprise) so that in turn made it difficult for me to sleep last night..Today I must resist the nap...I guess I just have to push through the first couple of sorry if I am grumpy!! It will get better.....wont it??

Now I must get back to my sashiko sampler will not stitch it's self!! New Plan in action......

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Di said...

That's me all over, Lynda! PerhapsI should give some thought to the spreadsheet... Hmmm.