Thursday, 11 August 2011

Free motion madness...... Part 3

TODAY has been a real turning point!! Last night I stumbled across Leah Day of Day Style Design. She has an AMAZING catalogue of free motion designs and most importantly tutorials!!! So much that sad?? I have purchased and downloaded the book of her Free Motion Quilting Project and have decided to work my way through and learn some of the designs....every day if I can. The more I read the more it becomes clear that I need to practice practice PRACTICE. I want to be good at it NOW and I guess that is one of the reasons why I tried a few years ago...then gave up. Here are the 2 designs I have learnt today.

Shadow Waves

MatrixHere is the whole piece so you can see I am just working my way through filling in the foundation lines I stitched yesterday. I am beyond excited this is a true milestone for me.....can stitch straight lines to the cows come home.....I guess it was what was trained into to me for years and years so there has been an element of unlearning to be done. YAY for the unlearning!!

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