Friday, 12 August 2011

Free motion madness...... Part 4

Tonight I just went for it....not sure if it was sensible....LOL I am very very tired...I have just stopped sewing and now I feel quite sick. You know sick and tired....was woken at 4.15am by a text from the alarm company saying the power was off. (We have this weird intermittent tendency for the safety switch to go off, usually in the wee hours, when we are not actually using much power??? We can't pinpoint what is causing has been happening for years?? )Anyway it means they think back at the base that someone has turned the power off to break in...SOOOOOo they text me and if I don't get up and make it right...they ring...and If I didn't answer they would probably call the police...LOL So outside with the torch at 4.15am flicking the switch, then up again at 5.30am to run #1 son to the station, then back to bed till 7:30am up, showered and dressed...took the youngest to school then was waiting with #2 son at the hospital to see the Surgeon for a Post Op checkup by had been a long day by then already..... and it is now 11pm on the same right now Sick & TIRED!

Anyhow this was supposed to be being quilted to become a beading sample....but the quilting sort of took over. LOL Oh well the quilting was fun and now I shall set about cover it up with Lisa's lovely beads...It has been an awesome learning experience and has proven to me that I CAN freemotion quilt. If this is what I can do with just a couple of hours will get better with more practice...and practice I will.

This has been a lovely week....doing something I wanted to do, and putting aside some of those HAVE to do things...back to the grind on Monday... after a spot of cleaning tomorrow I plan to face/bind this piece then try some back with progress of that little adventure....

Night night

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