Friday, 5 March 2010

Another give away....

.....but not me this time.

I have a lovely friend, whom I have NEVER met in person. But we have chatted, played scrabble and generally shared our lives ONLINE for longer than I can actually remember. Well darling Jas is celebrating her 1st blogversary and is having an AWESOME quilt giveaway to celebrate! Why not visit her say congratulations for your chance to win!!

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Banaghaisge said...

You are the only other person who actually properly LINKED to your page on mine, and half the people who left comments did not even mention my give-away on their blogs. So no bloody cigars for them!
Some pple haven't even updated their own links, so I either had to go hunting to find their new blogs/websites/ or cracked the shits and left them off the Official Entry List.
Is good to add the link at the bottom of my post so then pple can visit you easily, too.
You would think it wasn't such a big ask...
P.S. You are in the hat!