Friday, 13 February 2009

What a week.....

I have sat down to write this at least a dozen times in the past week, but it has been incredibly hard to order my thoughts. There is no one in the world who would not know what has happened in my home state of Victoria this past week. I dont even know where to begin......there is a complete sense of desolation hanging over our community. Last Saturday I had family running from the fires in country Victoria, thankfully they and their properties came out unscathed.  Many did not. Here in Melbourne today it is very smokey, the sun is glowing an eerie golden yellow, reminding us all that the danger is not over yet. We have a significant portion of bushland behind our home, and I think I have lost track of the times I have been out to sniff the air and look for flames. Everyone is on edge, especially those of us who live in bushy areas. 

I have friends and family assisting in the relief effort, and that at least does something to relieve the sense of helpless that those of us not directly affected feel so deeply.  I continue to pray for all those who have lost homes and loved ones and hope that much will be learned to prevent this from happening again.


Gene Black said...

Lynda, I am glad to see that you have escaped danger thus far. You and all your countrypeople are in our prayers.

Bette said...

Lynda, you have voiced what I have felt. Like you, I am so grateful that we are ok, and our family is ok. And like you I am on edge the whole time. But today I am so proud to be Australian, when I think of how as a nation we have all gotten behind the survivors. Thank you.

ozjane said...

Have been wondering about you guys.
Also keeping an ear out for Belgrave Heights. So many happy camping years up there.
Have a giveaway if you want to pass the word.
and if you want to make me work...vbg.
May you be kept safe and well.
Greg Lloyd who died in the Kinglake one with his girlfriend and her brother comes from here. Know his Mum ...and the family.
Found out another friend from long back in the '70's Dr Ken Rowe died in the Marysville one, but friends up there who had just built a new home 2 yrs ago lost everything except themselves 2 young children dog and vehicles. She had to drive out through the black darkness. They got down here at the week end to see her Mum.
Agree with Bette....proud to be an Aussie.