Sunday, 22 February 2009

At last, some real progress

       Well here it is, almost in all its glory. We have the frame up, the door and most of the windows in. Husband has also finished the line of water proofing around the bottom.  We are having a very quick dinner and then we hope to get at least a couple of panels of cladding on tonight. I stand in it and cant still quite believe it will be mine!! I am now wondering about window coverings, floor coverings, furniture!!! POWER POINTS, where shall I put the power points, I know I want lots!! Hope to have a pic of the finished exterior by next weekend.


Gene Black said...

Woo woo!!!! that is real progress. Is this going to be your sewing studio? If so I am very happy for you. If not I am still happy for you but not as jealous. heheehee.

ozjane said...

Super fabulous.
How exciting.
Have you cut out your furniture to scale and planned where it will go.
That might help with the power points.
Have a high one for the iron.
I am going to to get a man to put some more in for me when I get to it.
Stay safe.
And come visit my Giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see how the shed is going.
I will be at Mrs Martins quilt camp in April hope to see you there.