Sunday, 1 June 2008

New Toy

I LOVE having a shop in my front room!! The other day I was visiting a local patchwork shop and spied an awesome hexagon quilt. It looked like it was very tricky to piece, but I was told it wasn't, if you used a 60 degree triangle ruler. So home to my catalogue's, to order some stock for the shop (well 5 for the shop, one for me!!) I got it in 2 sizes, 12" & 8". I am keeping a 12" for myself and I have listed the others. So now I have to RESIST starting something new. I have such a busy busy week, I cant see when I will get to the machine to work on the QAYG, but that is my next goal to get it FINISHED BEFORE I start something else! Lets see how I strong I am. LOL


1 comment:

Nic said...

I will hold you to that Missy. LOL As if i'm a good example to follow. How much do i actually finish !