Saturday, 15 March 2008

Party Week

One of my children has had a birthday this week, and as is typical in our household we seem to have been celebrating all week. We had a party with his mates from school on Monday (the public holiday), the actual birthday on Thursday and then last night had the family over for dinner. So that meant 14 for tea, on a 40 degree day. We do have an air conditioner but after so many successive hot days and many people in the house it does struggle a bit. We managed by keeping the meal to cold meat and salad, with ice cream and cake for dessert. YUMMY!! Then just on dusk we went outside to blow some bubbles and I managed to snap this pic. This 2 of my sisters kids enjoying the bubbles. Don't you just love the effect, how the flash has caught the bubbles. Couldn't quite believe how well it came out so I wanted to show it off!



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