Wednesday, 12 March 2008

From My Garden

As I wander around my favourite blogs I have noticed many girls showing off their gardens. Now I am NOT a gardener so anything that grows at our place needs to be pretty self sufficient. But I went out the back for a lookyloo the other night and found some bits and pieces that amazed me, not even really sure how these things survived with the little attention they get. LOL I have no idea what these flowers pictured above are, does anyone know?? I did plant them but not for the flowers, I liked the leaves, then the lovely flowers arrived. I have also managed to grow some manderines. We had this tree for about 8 years before it finally got some fruit. The first year they were so tiny, about the size of a grape but perfect on the inside. This year they seem a little bigger, yippee!!



PS Pop over and see what my friend Lindi found in her garden!


Lindi said...

Hi Lynda! I have some of these in my garden, too. I was told they were a variety of native Iris, but I have never verified that. If you find out otherwise, let me know.
My garden visitor is still here, and very welcome!

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful flowers