Thursday, 6 March 2008

Here are the Bags!! (Well Some of them anyway)

Hi there, it has been a while hasn't it. I have been so busy the past week, and not doing what I really want to be doing. SEWING!! I did pick up a needle and thread this morning to repair a dress for my niece and it was then that I thought, gee I am missing this! LOL. So tomorrow, I am going to sew. I have spent the last 2 days catching up on some housework and gardening so am feeling free enough to sit and enjoy myself. My sewing buddy Nic is still busy with her Studio renovation, so I will have to soldier on on my own. The plan is to finish the 3 bags pictured above by adding their handles, and then stitch up the other 2 I have waiting. I am so desperate to get them on ETSY. You will find a pic of a finished bag below. The photo really doesn't show it off, it is like a small carpet bag. I just adore it, and I hope others will too!! I just have to settle on a sell price, which is always awkward.

For tonight, I am going to do some hand sewing. One of the projects I am working up with the Craft Corner. Hope it is going to turn out ok. After such a busy week and a half, I really just feel the need to sit with my feet up!!




Rose said...

Good luck with Etsy!!! Your bag is gorgeous!! Have a great weekend sewing!!!

Julie said...

Such a lovely bag!